A Personal Note about Thanksgiving

A Personal Note about Thanksgiving

As November twenty-second (2007) descends on our country the vast majority of citizens will celebrate it without even a moment sacrificed to gratefulness.

As for me, Thanksgiving is a special time and I celebrate it much the same way any God-loving Christian would: I love having a day-off to commune with my family/friends and eat turkey and play games and go to parades . . . but most importantly I’m abundantly thankful for the countless blessings God has bestowed on my little family. We are packed, shaken down, and running over. And I’m sure each of you could share the same glorious testimony. But in my household we’re thankful for something very unique . . . it was my family who started Thanksgiving.

I’m a direct descendant of Elder William Brewster of the Mayflower Pilgrims. Interestingly enough, my wife is also a descendant of William Brewster (by marriage on the girls’ side of the family). This time of year is a big deal for my family because we’re not only celebrating a Christian, National Holiday . . . we’re also celebrating a family tradition! In fact, we are so proud of our godly heritage we named out son Micah William Brewster.

But even though you may not be related to the men and women who crossed the Atlantic on the Mayflower, if you’re a Christian, they are your spiritual parents. Without the firm stand the Pilgrims took our country might be religiously enslaved.

As we thank God for His innumerable blessings this year, don’t forget the one that allows us to worship God without persecution . . . freedom of religion. Never take that for granted. I told my 6th graders a few days ago that there are countries today where Christianity is illegal and men and women are imprisoned, and sometimes killed, for their faith in God.

Make sure your focus is right this Thanksgiving and take a moment to thank God for the men and women who have fought to make this country free: The pilgrims, the Christian’s of ages past, our military, and the folks continuing the good fight of faith today.

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3 thoughts on “A Personal Note about Thanksgiving

  1. Paul

    Dear Cousin,
    I am also a descendant of William Brewster and i believe you to be mistaken about our dear grandfather in regards to your comment “And remember, on the first Thanksgiving they didn’t eat turkey!”.

    There are 2 sources for Thanksgiving – one of those is E.W. (presumed to be Edward Winslow) who was one of the 53 Pilgrim survivors to attend that 1st Thanksgiving.

    In E.W.’s letter he writes “And besids water foule, ther was great store of wild Turkies, of which they tooke many”. This leads most experts to conclude it was highly likely turkey was consumed at the first Thanksgiving.

    God Bless you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.


    1. AMBrewster

      Thanks, Paul! That’s what I get for listening to the Smithsonian. After reading your post I checked out Bradford’s writing and saw plainly the description of their meal. Turkey was definitely part of it.


  2. Rebecca McNiel

    I am also a descendant of William Brewster and have just been to the Capitol Building to see the giant painting of those on the Mayflower. He was holding a document, saying that they were going for religious freedom. I had not seen the painting, and it made me almost weep for joy.


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