Thoughts on an Olive Tree

Thoughts on an Olive Tree

In 2014 I succumbed 100% percent to the Apple way of life.

I love the feel and functionality of the iPhone and iPad, iTunes does its job very well, and Apple’s hardware can’t be beat.

Years ago I bought the iPhone 4 because I needed a schedule that worked for me. Paper hadn’t done the job, and I was enjoying some of the simpler online calendars. But besides the calendars and apps, the one function I fell deep in love with was having my Bible handy every second of the day. So I began my trek to decide which Bible app was best for me. My all time favorite? Olive Tree.

I bought my wife a birthday gift before we were married. It was a beautiful NASB reference and study Bible. It was very expensive, but it was also worth it. Olive Tree allows me to spend much less per Bible but offers features that revolutionize my Bible experience.

1. Sharing. Anyone in my family who has a iDevice can access the same Bibles. One price . . . four Bibles.

2. Note Taking. If I make a note on a verse in my NASB, I will be able to see that same note on every other translation I have!

3. Tags. I recently created a tag called, “Following Your Heart.” I tagged Proverbs 28:26, Ecclesiastes 11:9, and Jeremiah 17:9. Now when I need to remember what God’s Word says about the foolishness of “following my heart,” I have the passages right there; linked together, highlighted, and noted!

4. Backup. Olive Tree backs-up all of my notes, tags, and highlighters. I can also share all of those elements with any family member who uses my iTunes account.

Olive Tree also has many free resources that make my iLibrary rival my paper one . . . but take up much less space.

Let us know what you think of Olive Tree in the poll below and feel free to comment if you have found other Bible apps that are just as good or better.