The New Me: Part 1

I won’t waste digital print to delve into that span of life that was my single-digits through undergraduate years. I am ashamed to say that I made many a poor choice and suffered a great deal of consequences from them. But praise God He used my sin to show me the Savior! Please take this to heart – no story is worth telling that does not have God at its center.

After finishing my graduate work at Bob Jones University and marrying my delightful wife, we moved to the Midwest state of Illinois. We moved because I had taken a job teaching 6th grade at Schaumburg Christian School (a ministry of Bethel Baptist Church). Even though I had been working as a regional training manager for Panera Bread for a number of years and had been teaching the martial arts since I was fifteen, this was my first introduction to teaching in a school. I loved it. I remember being perfectly at peace; not because of anything other than I knew I was in the center of God’s will for my life. He wanted me at SCS and there was no question about it.

All of the posts to follow will have something to do with SCS and Bethel Baptist Church. This place has become a hub for me to branch out in the work of the Lord. I’ve developed two criteria for knowing if I’m in the right ministry: 1. My shepherds are preaching God’s truth and my family is growing, & 2. God is using me. This second factor has been abundantly clear to me from the start.

If I had to sum up my teaching experiences over the past five years, I would have to use the word application. I would be the most desolate soul in the universe if I knew that my students were the best grammarians or actors on the planet and yet they died and went to Hell. It would grieve my very cells to know I had missed an opportunity to take this class and apply it directly to the instant my students were living in. Side Note: No subject is worth learning if it is learned in a Godless vacuum.

Teachers, please pay attention. There is not a page in your textbook that cannot be used to point back to God. There is not a theory or hypothesis that does not radically affect the spirituality of your students. There is not a project or lesson that cannot help those eager minds transform into the image of their Lord. Your job is to find God’s truth in your curriculum and apply it to where your students are living. To neglect this task would be to fail as a teacher.

My main job for the past five years has been to teach. That, in and of itself, has been a supreme joy. But this has been merely a starting point – a veritable spring board for opportunity. The timeline of this post spans the fall of 2007 to the spring of 2012. In the next post I will rewind to the spring of 2008 to show you the first sprouting branch of ministry God entrusted me with.

In His Care,



Check out what our 2012 Studet Body President had to say about SCS in her own words:

Video Blog

I am extremely blessed to announce that my blog posts have been famine-like for the best kind of reason . . . productivity. I find that actively participating in God’s will for your life makes it difficult to experience down-time.

Over the past few months I have been transitioning to a new roll in my job and I cannot wait to share the details with you. Needless to say, but this transition has depleated most of said down-time, but it also brings with it many surprises. Yet, this much I can unveil presently – along with my new responsibilties comes a widening sphere of influence. A second blessing is a new set of God-ordained resources. Fun new tools coupled with an ever widening sphere of influence is going to produce a whole new spiritual opportunity this fall.

So, in the meantime I have decided that one of the most important things I can do this summer is give you the opportunity to know me better. This is not because I am so amazingly unique that to not know me would be a shame. On the contrary, I desire you to see three things through my blog: 1. That I am eternally commited to the God of the Bible, 2. That I am indebted to show you God’s truth from His Word, & 3. A little bit about how I came to this place in my life.

Your subscriptions, followings, comments, and questions are greatly desired as I hope to be a tool in God’s hand to be a blessing to you.