A Quick Note Concerning a Piece of Wood

I received my 5 year plaque this evening at the high school graduation. It was nice, but the real significance for me is not the piece of wood with a professional engraving; the excitement I’ve been attempting to encapsulate over the past few posts has everything to do with experiences and opportunities God has graced me with in the past 5 years. I’ve been treasuring them in my heart as Mary treasured the Angel’s words, and now I desire greatly to share them with you.

I will be posting my final update in this “The New Me” series in a short while. First of all, this final post will not be a conclusion to the past five years, but one more amazing open door to start off the next five (or however many God has planned for me here). I cannot wait to share it with you! Second, I have far more important things to write about. We need to seriously get to return to taking back the Bible. :-) But as Part 6 of “The New Me” and the revival of this blog are so closely related . . . they must go hand in hand.

So check out all of “The New Me,” revel in the amazing grace of God that would take a sinful man and allow Him to be a channel for divine truth, and partner with me as I step out in faith on this new leg of my journey. I want so badly to walk with you as I dig deeper into what it means to be a believer. I hope you will come with me.


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