God’s Thoughts on Gender Roles: Part I

“He doesn’t treat me like a princess!”

“Women are more emotional than men.”

(so consequently) “Real men don’t cry.”

“I’m a mom; I’m allowed to worry.”

“If your music minister is more concerned that the choir trills their r’s correctly than that they fill the sanctuary with loud sounds of battle, your worship service and church community might be effeminate.”

Where did all of these opinions come from? More importantly, are your beliefs about how men and women are to conduct themselves guided by culture or Christ? Are our gender roles defined by men or God? David Crabb recently solicited the assitance of Paul Matzko to deal with this subject. I am so glad that he did. I am going to link Paul’s article here and allow it to become a springboard for our own discussion on the subject.

Read this post, do some study, and return here for a hotly-debated issue: Violent Men, Working Women, and Evangelical Gender Norms

What're your thoughts?

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