He seemed like such a nice man: False Teachers Who Wear Denim

He seemed like such a nice man: False Teachers

He seemed like such a nice man.”

How many serial killers and rapists do we need to hear such comments about before we realize that what a person projects to those around is not necessarily a mirror of their soul.

False teachers, no doubt, could have much the same said about them. Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary recently posted an article entitled Do False Teachers Preach in Denim? The main thesis was that wolves in sheep’s clothing do in fact look like sheep. They offer three ways to be aware of possible false teaching in your church. I’d like to add a fourth: Know God’s Word.

I understand that people lie, but inconsistencies will always leak out. Whether in public or private, no liar can feep up the facade day and night. This point aligns with DBTS’s second observation. But my purpose here is to show that lies cannot be seen as lies unless they are compared to truth. Bankers do not study counterfeit bills; they study real ones. If we are ignorant of the truth of God’s Word, we will never be able to perceive falsehood.

Satan beguiled Eve by re-wording the Word of God. A simple change of subject or voice inflection and the subtle false teacher can hook an unwary listener. If Eve had simply argued for what God had said, Satan would have been exposed for the snake he is.

Evermind Ministries and Taking Back the Bible are committed to untangling the lies of those who would twist the Scriptures. Continue with us as we study God’s Truth and apply it to our lives.