Spanking: When Christians and Atheists Agree??


“Just as Rob Bell tried to erase Hell, egalitarians try to erase male leadership language from the Bible, and anti-spanking fanatics try to erase corporal punishment from the Bible. It’s all there, and it’s in language as plain as day. And for an atheist, that’s all understandable.

But throwing grenades at fundamentalists, denying total depravity, and erasing clear language of Scripture, all while pretending that you’re still a Christian parent . . . that’s the confusing part.”

-Jeremy Larson.-

The above paragraph posses some fantastic questions. The greatest of which is how can a Christian accept atheistic thinking considering child discipline?


Indonesian Hatred

Indonesian Hatred

The Code stipulates five years in prison for religious defamation, two-and-a-half years for hate speech, and one year for printing texts liable to criminal charges.”

Indonesia has never been known for its religious freedom. It’s never been known for tolerance. And it’s never been known for being a country with happy, prosperous people. I don’t want to paint with too broad a brush, but none of the above are stereotypical of Indonesia. People don’t leave second world countries and move to Indonesia with dreams of a better life.

So why is America (the greatest country on the planet) so dead-set on becoming like Indonesia in their ridiculous hate-speech legislation?

The above quote levies punishment for speaking against someone’s religion. Historically, hate speech legislation is illegal in America because it infringes on our freedom of speech. Words hurt only when the listener allows them too. Words are not like “sticks and stones.” If my fist hits someone’s face without legal allowances, I have undeniably encroached on their rights. My right to swing my arm ends where their face begins. But words don’t work that way.

Words hurt us because we choose to value them, not because they are inherently hurtful.” Click To Tweet


I must be painfully honest here, and a number of you probably won’t like this, but the truth is that hate speech legislation is for wimps.

Hate speech legislation is for cry-babies.

Hate speech legislation is for people who like being victims.

Someone, please explain to me one good reason to make speaking out against people illegal? If you take “hate speech” to its logical conclusion, then anything that makes anyone feel bad would be hate speech. I can’t tell you I don’t like your shirt. I can’t tell an employee that they’re a poor worker. I can’t tell someone they’re lifestyle is killing them. I can’t tell them their parenting is hurting the family structure. I can’t tell them that smoking is a bad idea. I can’t tell someone they’re a sinner in need of God’s saving love and grace. I can’t tell people the most important things in life simply because they may not like it.

As Americans, we cannot allow our government (or anyone else) to persuade us that speaking out against something we don’t like/believe is wrong. Hate speech legislation is an infringement on our country’s liberty. If someone hates me, they are entitled to post that in the comments. On the same hand, I’m entitled to delete that comment. I’m not going to cry myself to sleep, lose “self-esteem,” or questions my beliefs because someone doesn’t like me.

The Lord promises me that people are going to hate me in this life because they hated Him. Hatred aimed toward me doesn’t bother me. And I don’t want the government to throw someone in jail who speaks out against what I believe in.

Thank you Indonesia for showing us exactly what not to do.