“Why Are Christians So ______?” – Daniel Threlfall

Why Are Christians So

What a fantastic question! I’ve always wondered that myself.

Daniel Threlfall recently spent some quality time with Google and God’s Word and came out with some fantastic observations. Read “Why Are Christians So _____?” and see what’s being asked and what you can do to help.



4 thoughts on ““Why Are Christians So ______?” – Daniel Threlfall

  1. Erin I.

    Ironic that you would post a link to Daniel Threlfall when you have a post about spanking just a few posts down. Did you know that his wife posted a rather controversial blog about that a couple if years back. Might be helpful to know about this family.


    1. AMBrewster

      Thank you, Erin. Actually, Daniel is a friend of mine and I don’t always agree 100% with everything my friends say, and I especially do not endorse all of the things the authors I link have written. Rest assured that if I link an author it’s because I agree with the article linked (or have qualified my opposition in my post).

      A wonderful thing about taking back the Bible is that there really are some things in Scripture we can agree to disagree about. On that note, feel free to link the article you mentioned and I’ll check it out. Who knows, maybe I’ll write a response to it. :-)


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