“To My Gay Angry Friend” – Joe Dallas


In the midst of name calling, chikin dinners, protesters, politicians, waffle fries, and media hype, Joe Dallas has written a beautifully sympathetic letter to a Chick-fil-A protester. In his article he speaks freely of the conversation he wished he could have with the “calm, angry and unfazed” beacon of the gay cause.

What I like most about this letter is he got it right! Mr. Dallas writes,

So put yourself in our shoes. If the owner of a restaurant chain said he favored same sex marriage, and in response a city councilman and two mayors of major metropolitan cities committed themselves to shutting his business down, how would you feel? Wouldn’t you be inclined to say that, wherever a business owner stands on homosexuality, city and state officials have no right trying to shut him down? Wouldn’t you feel you’d just time- warped into some totalitarian regime where the wrong words or beliefs could bring you ruin?

“So would we. I don’t think we turned out by the thousands to support Chick-fil-A just because of its owner’s positions, but because elected officials tried to punish him for those positions. That’s more than disagreement; it smacks of government intrusion. And believe me, if government officials try to shut a business down because of its pro-gay position, I’ll be there for them, too.”

His observations are spot-on and Christ-honoring.

Listen, folks. There are many Christians who are saying that true God-lovers wouldn’t have participated in supporting Chick-fil-A. I disagree with that statement on multiple levels for multiple reasons, but for now all I want to do is agree whole-heartedly with Mr. Dallas. This demonstration was right and good in God’s eyes as long as God’s children did it for the right reasons in the right way.

Thank you, Joe Dallas, for putting it so lovingly.

3 thoughts on ““To My Gay Angry Friend” – Joe Dallas

    1. AMBrewster

      That’s why we must be certain that our worldview works in every situation. When we find that what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander, it should show that we have holes in our philosophy. But God’s worldview is perfect in that it has no inconsistencies.


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