Assault Swords


I was teaching bo (a six-foot staff) this morning and mentioned to my students that most of the wooden weapons martial artists train with today were created by ancient people because their governments forbade them from having weapons with sharp points and edges (swords, spears, knives). I then had to reflect on the insanity of some of the arguments I’ve heard over this gun debate.

I’ve heard people say that hundreds of years ago when the constitution was written the guns were muskets. The “assault weapons” we have today were never in the minds of the founding fathers when they wrote the second amendment.

Tell that to the ancient Asian cultures who weren’t allowed to own any swords or knives! Or explain that to the ancient Israelites who weren’t even allowed to have sharp farming implements!

This has nothing to do with how dangerous the weapon is because no weapon is truly harmful in the hands of the right people. The real issue is “Who gets to have the swords?”

Don’t buy into the propaganda that the clip size, children’s safety, or “assault” weapons are the issue. Even when there were no guns on the entire planet, dictatorial governments tried to strip their people of the strongest weapons they had . . . not to protect the people, but to control them.

We’ve seen this trick before. When will we start learning from history?


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