Is God a Jerk? (Preface)

Is God a Jerk

Today I was verbally attacked on Twitter about the fact that my God must be a complete jerk if He would send “good” people to hell just because they don’t believe in Him.

Is that true? Is God a jerk? Is He selfish, is He jealous? Is @Atheist_Deity right to question the thought,

“so you live a good life, look after your fellow man & never act in an evil manner but don’t believe, god will send you to hell?”

I want to sow this idea over a larger field, but for now let’s allow these questions to till up the soil of our minds to prepare the seeds of God’s Word to take root.


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P.S. I’ve included this comic because the ideas illustrated here are PREVALENT throughout the world. I encounter them on a daily basis. Do you know how to answer people like this (using God’s Word)?