“Taking Back the Bible”

“Taking Back the Bible”

 We now must wrest the Truth from teachers false;
Let shine the Light despite that vile
Veil the darkness drops to make men blind,
And give again the Word its value – stolen by Belial.
Come, brothers, join me in this needed task
Of razing lies by taking back the Bible!


Written for “Taking Back the Bible.”

Taking Back the Bible

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As a writer, I’ve dabbled in many forms of communication. I’ve written short stories, books, stage & screenplays, articles, etc. But my most prolific genre is poetry (I’ve written more Shakespearean Sonnets than Shakespeare!). My love for creating poetry started in high school, and I continued writing voraciously throughout college. Unfortunately – due mainly to bad reasons – I haven’t written much of it in the past seven years . . . and that’s a terrible shame! So, I’ve decided to start scrawling again.

Every writer needs a muse, and the most obvious ones for me are the topics I discuss here. Therefore, you can plan to see my original poetry start popping up at the end of most of my posts (I will also go back from time to time and add poems to previous articles). I will then post each poem separately. I also hope to create shareable images with quotes and full poems so you may spread them across the interweb.

Please enjoy my first two submissions written specifically for Taking Back the Bible.

To Show The Christ”(written for “Reflections on Being Jesus“)

Some Posting Motivation“(written for “Can Facebook be Redemptive?”)

“Some Posting Motivation”

Some Posting Motivation

“Some Posting Motivation”

People type completely inane
And frivolous and biting and plain
You would think that with the most
Amazing ways to communicate and post,
Some might favor reconciliation
To driving bitter wedges.
Others might lift us from the dredges
With timely edification.
Consider the benefit of quoting
A passage designed for removing
If we simply decided in all things to glorify,
Perhaps our posts might start to amplify
In the hearts and minds of men and women
Whom God has given the redemptive mission
Of Christ-honoring inspiration.

Written for “Can Facebook be Redemptive?”