“Foolish are the Flesh to Souls”


“Foolish are the Flesh to Souls”

I asked a fish how birds can touch the clouds.
He gurgled out a laugh and said,
“Don’t be foolish, friend, no creature can!”
“But I know they do.” said I.
Yet he replied, “I never saw who did.”

I asked a bat how suns traverse the sky.
He winked a knowing eye and said,
“My boy, you ask the wrong question!”
“What should I ask?” said I?
“Please ask how ‘moons’ traverse instead.”

I asked a lion to eat some grass and had to dodge
His sworded paw. “No creature can survive not fed
On meat, you idiot! Now be my treat!”
“I’d rather live.” said I.
And questioned not how sure he was none did.

I asked a bird how fish can never breathe the air.
The bird so arrogantly said,
How simple you are to believe such things.”
“Why’s that?” said I.
“No bird has proved a fish can live without a breath.”

And so I ceased my questioning of those who cannot know.
Ability and experience cannot alone
Answer all the things that lie outside the home
We call these bones.
As foreign are the fish to birds, so foolish are the flesh to souls.


Written for “Science Can’t Answer That.”

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