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Parenting Must Be an Act of Worship to God

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Post-Modernism’s De-Evolution toward Pre-Paganism


“Real science predicts.”

If real science predicts, real divinity prophesies.

Many still refer to the our societal way of thinking and relating as postmodern. The extreme difficulty one has in defining this philosophy gives the reader a clue as to the types of thoughts this philosophy breeds – fluffy ones at best.


The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy begins its discussion of postmodern philosophy with,

That postmodernism is indefinable is a truism.”

Word of God Today gives us a slightly more helpful, laymen’s analysis.

While Modernism sees man as a material machine, Postmodernism sees man as simply a cog or node in a social machine.  Rather than being autonomous, man is a product of his culture and only imagines he is self-governing.  While Modernism greatly depended upon ‘reason’ for its progress, Postmodernism now declares that all reason is deeply flawed and affected by bias.  Thus all information, even hallowed scientific information, can no longer be trusted.”

This same article goes on to say,

Unlike the Modernists, the Postmodernists accept religion; any and all religion, except of course, that religion making a claim for universal truth.  Thus we see that both Christianity and Judaism are neatly and quickly excluded from the much talked-about Postmodern ‘toleration.'”

And though we can easily view this definition in our current culture, history has shown us that movements have a slow bleed from one frame of mind to another. Often we cannot accurately name the newest “-ism” until it’s matured enough to look distinct from the previous era. Unfortunately, this “maturation” often progresses like a shining 6th grader turning into a pimply 7th grader – older, but not more attractive.

And so I’d like to make a prediction. Based off of God’s divine foretelling, I believe we’re in the bleed right now, and we’re quickly moving out of postmodernism in America into a new take on an old favorite. Continue reading “Post-Modernism’s De-Evolution toward Pre-Paganism”