Weekend Update – 6/14/14

Weekend UpdateFriends,

We look forward to introducing our new Sunday Sermon Series tomorrow.

As we’ve prayerfully decided which content will be the most effective and Christ-honoring, we’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to deal with God’s Word is exegetically. Exegesis is the is a point-by-point handling of the Scripture that takes into consideration the entirety of the work. Topical preaching and teaching is helpful, and we embrace such communication, but we mustn’t neglect thorough exegesis. So, we will spend our time on Sunday doing so.

Our plan is to start simple, so we’re reviving and refurbishing a series that was started a while ago by AMBrewster on the subject of peace from the book of Philippians. Tomorrow’s post will be a an introduction to that series, and he is very excited to have a chance to finish it.

In the future we hope to tackle full books.

As always, we are greatly appreciative for those of you who subscribe and read. We’d also like to encourage you to share and comment. You can be a blessing to our other readers when you provide insightful, truths via your comments and replies, and you can expose others to these posts by sharing.

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It’s an honor serving you in this capacity and we hope to continue doing so for a long time.


The Evermind Staff

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