What a Waste

What a Waste

Humans are, above all things, most wasteful.

Let us count the ways:

  1. We squander the basic resources God generously bestows on us to accomplish His will. Our heavenly Father lavishes us with money, land, houses, appliances, furniture, vehicles, devices, recreation, and food. I scrape pots, keep bees, grow food, shop at resale stores, reduce, reuse, and recycle because God has commanded that we be stewards of this world. I’m not a tree-hugging, dirt-worshipping, green-peacer – but I am an intentional, sustainable, steward of God’s creation. All forms of wastefulness are sin. Whether its money or time, we must redeem it.
  2. We waste the time and talents given to us to praise our Savior and point all eyes to Him. I am daily burdened by the people I meet pouring their entire beings into sharpening their minds, building their skill-sets, and earning their degrees just to get a job. It’s sad. We have such a higher calling. Have you ever noticed that in the Bible it didn’t matter whether they were a king, evangelist, beggar, or prophet? No one’s vocation means anything outside of its usefulness in accomplishing God’s plan. This doesn’t mean a singer has to sing only sacred songs, but it does mean that God had better get the glory.
  3. We fritter away the daily grace and Spirit empowerment the Lord provides. God has promised moment by moment escapes from temptation. Every morning a daily helping of mercy waits for us beside our beds. The Holy Spirit is constantly interceding for us with petitions we don’t even know we need. Jesus is our perpetual advocate before the Father. And yet despite all that, we return to our sin-vomit. And then we ask God where He was when we “needed Him most.”
  4. We waste His absolute truth in the market place of ideas, hastily trading it for pathetic lies. From “In” to “Amen,” the Bible contains every command, principle, proverb, and answer to life. But instead of washing our minds with Its truth, and everminding Its precepts, and utilizing Its life-changing power . . . we log on to Twitter to be told how to live. We’d sooner pattern our lives after our favorite fictional characters than after the God-Man, Jesus Christ. We bow at the shrine of the PhD and offer incense to our professors even when they speak contrary to God’s revealed will.
  5. Lastly, we throw away God’s gift of salvation by rejecting it or hiding it under a bushel. This is the greatest waste of all. Of all the beauty in the Bible, the Gospel stands as the pinnacle of all-encompassing truth. Yet, we hide it under the commonplace bushels of our cubical walls, backpacks, and status updates. Even worse are those who take the shed blood of Christ and pour it onto the ground as an act of rebellion toward God and hatred of His sacrificial act of love. The greatest waste in the universe is the rejection of salvation.

This is why I embrace Sanctified Sustainable Living. Whether it’s a patch of land I can cultivate, a device I can refine to spread God’s truth, or a single human being I can help become spiritually productive for God, I believe it is our calling to do so.

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5 thoughts on “What a Waste

    1. AMBrewster

      Thankfully, there is so much we can do to learn how to use God’s resources in a Christ-honoring way. I appreciate your comment and encourage all of us to help each other be less wasteful.


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