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When you feel - Quote

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Weekend Update – 6/20/14

Weekend Update

A Special Note from our President:

Starting this weekend, I’ll have the supreme joy of spending two weeks at one of my favorite ministries of all time!

If you’ve never visited The Wilds Christian Camp and Conference Center in NC, you’ve missed a significant blessing. The Wilds

My family has been associated with The Wilds since 1993. Over the years I’ve worked with Gospel Fellowship Association Missions (GFA) as they’ve run their yearly Family Camp at The Wilds. I counseled there two summers and numerous weekends while in college, and at one point I believed the Lord would have me serve there full time (and who knows? He still may!). Currently, my sister and her husband live there. Jon is on the kitchen staff, and Jessica does all the things that makes her cool (in addition to being a mother to her four children).

I love The Wilds most of all because they desire nothing more than to proclaim God’s truth as honestly and beautifully as possible. In addition to running a year round conference and retreat center, The Wilds also produces gorgeous, Christ-honoring music.

4th FallsSo, when I visit I not only get to see my family and friends, but I also get to dwell on my great God’s unchanging Word in one of the most beautiful locations on the east coast.

While I’m there I plan to continue writing for Taking Back the Bible in between hikes to each of the four water falls on the camp site, camping, tubing, paint-balling, ministering and being ministered to, riding the giant swing and the water slide and the land trolley, playing games with my family, visiting the lake and the craft shop, and . . . I think you get the idea.

If you’re at camp through July 5th, I’d love to see you. Ask around, I’m sure someone will know which waterfall I’m at.

Until then, thank you for reading, sharing, and commenting.