#TBTB #TBT – “When Wisdom Becomes a Sin”

ThrowBack Thursday

Can we sin by making a wise decision?

We can if we take God’s job in the process.

After reading David Crabb’s article, “Forbidding What God Allows,” Mr. Brewster wroteWhen Wisdom Becomes a Sinbecause the sin of the Pharisees is far easier to fall into than we realize.

We hope this article is a challenge to you and leave you with this thought:

Where God does not apply, we should not command.” Click To Tweet

When Wisdom Becomes a Sin

“You Are The Christ” – The Wilds

Music Wednesdays

When Jesus asked Peter who He was, Peter answered with the certainty of the ages:

You are the Christ! The Son of the most high God.”

May our confidence in that resolution be just as firm.

Christian Quote

“You cannot be saved . . . .” – Quote

“You cannot be saved and lack the Fruit of the Spirit.” Click To Tweet

You cannot be saved and lack the Fruit of the Spirit

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Why I Keep Bees and Think You Should Too

Beekeeping Christian

Have you ever been stung by a bee? Me too!


I just built rapport by establishing common ground in my introduction. So, based off what I learned in high school English, you (the reader) now need to keep reading!

I purchased my first beehive in 2012, but not quite for the reasons you may think.

Sure, there’s nothing so delicious as eating honey straight from the hive, and the educational aspects for my family have been Ivy League-ish.

Did you know honey bees are the only insects that make food edible to man?

Did you know honey never spoils?

Did you know the language of honey bees is the second most complex language in the world (second only to human language)?

But there was a more dynamic reason for my leap into beekeeping. I must admit the concept wasn’t fully formed when I began, but it has since taken shape into a full-on personal movement.

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Peace In: Part VI – What Are You Thinking?

Sunday Sermon Series

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the second-to-the-last part of our study on biblical peace. Next Sunday we’ll complete our first Sunday Sermon Series! Thank you to all of you who have continued with us to this point. If you’d like to start at the beginning, please click here – “Peace In: Part I.”

Where We Have Been

Over the past five weeks we’ve seen that . . .

  1. Peace is a conditional promise of divine soul rest powerful enough to overcome out feeling of doubt, depression, anxiety, and anger.
  2. The first Peace Prerequisite is that we must fulfill our responsibility to God by finding our sole joy in Him.
  3. The second prerequisite is that we must fulfill our responsibility to others by showing our gentleness in all things because not only is God in us, He is returning soon to collect us unto Himself.
  4. The third requirement is that we must fulfill our responsibility to this life by not being anxious, but instead taking all of our cares and anxieties to God in humble and thankful trust that He will work in and through them as He’s promised.
  5. When we are faithful to obey God, He provides a divine peace that stations a spiritual guard over our thoughts and desires – under the ultimate authority of none other than Jesus Christ.

Where We Are Now

In pure Pauline fashion, it’s as if Paul realizes there’s one more important thing he must say to the Philippians on the subject of peace. So he lays out a fourth Peace Prerequisite followed by a second Peace Promise.

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Weekend Update: 7/26/14

Weekend Update

We’d like to apologize for the technical difficulties we experienced earlier this week that kept “Peace In: Part V” from publishing on Sunday and “Why I Keep Bees and Think You Should Too” from publishing at all.

It’s our plan that “Peace In: Part VI” will publish this Sunday, and that “Why I Keep Bees and Think You Should Too” will be our Feature Article this coming Monday.

After that, Evermind Ministries has some exciting changes coming, so hold on tight!


The Evermind Staff

#TBTB #TBT – “He seemed like such a nice man.”

ThrowBack Thursday

If you’re unfortunate enough to hear the comment, “He seemed like such a nice man,” then you were probably talking about someone who just went to jail for some heinous act.

Regardless of who you were talking about, the likely reality is that they were just found out for who they really were . . . but up until then they had everyone fooled.

Stop and consider the fact that there are people you know now who aren’t what they seem.

It’s sad, but true.

The Christian has the responsibility to be discerning enough to spot the wolves in sheep’s clothing. “‘He Seemed Like Such a Nice Man’ & False Teachers” is a short article about just that.

He seemed like such a nice man: False Teachers


“I Am With You” – The Wilds

Music Wednesdays

An event that looks like a tragedy comes crashing into your existence – how do you respond?

Are you able to thankfully and peacefully rest in God’s goodness?

If not, we have two resources for you today:

  1. Please enjoy this introduction to the song “I Am With You” from The Wilds upcoming album entitled “Sing the Greatness.” This song was dedicated to Colonial Hills Baptist Church in Indianapolis. This is the same church that recently had the fatal bus crash that send four people into eternity. Their story is a tribute to the peace and grace we mentioned above.
  2. If you haven’t followed AMBrewster’s study on biblical peace from the book of Philippians, we urge you to start here – “Peace In: Part I.” Only by understanding who God is and by living out these “Peace Prerequisites” in your life will you be able to thankfully and peacefully rest in God’s goodness.

Peace In: Part V – Peace Promise #1


Sunday Sermon Series

Welcome back. As always, I’d like to welcome anyone just joining us to take few minutes to catch up with out study. You can start here: “Peace In: part I.” If you missed any other parts, you may click here.

The passage we’re dipping into today is so extremely exciting because it’s the first of two Peace Promises we’ll see before we’re done.

The Peace Prerequisites

Remember, peace is not a natural consequence of being a Christian. If that were so, no Christian would ever be afraid or depressed. But peace is a conditional promise offered to every Christian. All we have to do is do our part. Of course, we can never accomplish anything Christ-honoring with His power, so in the end, God is asking us to do things we can only do through Him to have peace only He can provide. It really is a win-win-win for us.

1. Find your complete and utter joy in nothing and no one else other than God and His Truth. Don’t let a job, spouse, team, grade, children, hobby, song, food, or house be your goal. Make God and His glory your preeminent mission in life. This means His Word and the work He has for us must be more important than our fleeting fancies.

2. Be gentle, gracious, and loving to all men. Men may call you their enemy because they side with sin, but no man should you ever consider unlovable. Peace with the antagonistic, unity with the brethren, and truth in love to all men should be our aim. Know that God provides power to accomplish this by His indwelling Spirit, and that He may return at any moment and wants to find us serving Him.

3. Never be anxious for anything. Instead of dwelling on the problem and fretting over the outcome, allow your thoughts to turn to God, His promises, and His throne. Bow before Him in humble submission, casting your care on Him with a thankful heart that He is using these circumstances to work in you and bring Him glory.

When you accomplish all of this with Christ’s power for Christ’s glory the result is and will always be . . .

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Weekend Update: 7/19/14

Weekend Update

Our first Sunday Sermon Series on biblical peace is past the middle point, and we’d love to have you join us as we study the first of two beautiful “Peace Promises” from Philippians 4. If you need to get caught up, you can start with “Peace In: Part I,” or peruse this page for the parts you missed.

AMBrewster has a biblically-saturated view concerning environmentalism and what he calls “Sanctified Sustainability.” We’d like to encourage you to compare your own lifestyle choices against our God-given responsibility to be stewards. Check out our Feature Article on Monday, “Why I Keep Bees & Think You Should Too.”

And if you’ve been wondering what relationship Christianity and sustainable living have, you may be interested in reading “What a Waste.”

Have a Christ-honoring weekend!

The Evermind Staff