Weekend Update: 7/4/2014

Weekend Update

Please enjoy this personal note from our founder:

Our time here at The Wilds is quickly drawing to a close, but we know we will leave with physical and spiritual refreshment.

I enjoyed interacting with the many wonderful, spirit-filled men and women here at The Wilds. Time would fail me to list them all, but I would like to share some public appreciation for Jonathan and Jessica Mair, John Bott, Ken Collier, Willie Partin, and Matt Taylor. It was also a special opportunity to spend some time being encouraged by Jeremy Frazor. If you ever have the opportunity to hear him speak or enjoy the presence of his company, I suggest you do it.

Please join us for our Sunday Sermon Series as we study the third prerequisite for God-gifted peace.

And I encourage you to come back on Monday when I post a very controversial article entitled “An Observation on the World Cup.”

Until then, live as an ambassador of the King.



Happy Independence Day!

We hope you enjoy celebrating the independence of our country, but we pray even more that you will enjoy the free gift of spiritual independence from hell.

Please take a moment to read “What You NEED to Know” if you are uncertain what it means to be a born-again child of God.

Happy Fourth of July