An Observation on the #WorldCup

An Observation on the World Cup

I don’t watch soccer.

In fact, I don’t watch any professional sports.

I know I just ostracized most of my readers, but please don’t stop reading.

It’s not because I think they’re wicked or anything. I just don’t enjoy them.



I know.

Yet despite the fact that I don’t watch sporting events, I have a young man living with my family right now who’s an avid fan, player, and great tutor for the soccer-ignorant. So I watched a couple games with him.

One such game was the America vs Portugal game. Besides learning a ton about the world’s favorite pastime, I walked away with one significant observation.

Before I share it, though, I want you to know that I need your opinion on this. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

Here Goes . . .
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