“I Am With You” – The Wilds

Music Wednesdays

An event that looks like a tragedy comes crashing into your existence – how do you respond?

Are you able to thankfully and peacefully rest in God’s goodness?

If not, we have two resources for you today:

  1. Please enjoy this introduction to the song “I Am With You” from The Wilds upcoming album entitled “Sing the Greatness.” This song was dedicated to Colonial Hills Baptist Church in Indianapolis. This is the same church that recently had the fatal bus crash that send four people into eternity. Their story is a tribute to the peace and grace we mentioned above.
  2. If you haven’t followed AMBrewster’s study on biblical peace from the book of Philippians, we urge you to start here – “Peace In: Part I.” Only by understanding who God is and by living out these “Peace Prerequisites” in your life will you be able to thankfully and peacefully rest in God’s goodness.