Why I Keep Bees and Think You Should Too

Beekeeping Christian

Have you ever been stung by a bee? Me too!


I just built rapport by establishing common ground in my introduction. So, based off what I learned in high school English, you (the reader) now need to keep reading!

I purchased my first beehive in 2012, but not quite for the reasons you may think.

Sure, there’s nothing so delicious as eating honey straight from the hive, and the educational aspects for my family have been Ivy League-ish.

Did you know honey bees are the only insects that make food edible to man?

Did you know honey never spoils?

Did you know the language of honey bees is the second most complex language in the world (second only to human language)?

But there was a more dynamic reason for my leap into beekeeping. I must admit the concept wasn’t fully formed when I began, but it has since taken shape into a full-on personal movement.

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