Weekend Update: 8/9/14

Weekend Update

Today’s the day you’ve been waiting for! Mr. Brewster has given us permission to make the official announcement!

Starting on August 16th, Evermind Ministries will be operating out of its new headquarters in the north woods of Wisconsin!

This week’s Sunday Sermon Series  will be the final chapter in our discussion concerning biblical peace from the book of Philippians (Peace In: Part VIII – Assume the Position). Don’t miss it! But if you’ve already missed this life-changing study, get caught up here.

On Monday, Aaron will be updating you will all the nitty-gritty details about our move in “The New Me: Part 7 – The Woodsman.” But until then you can catch up on his autobiographical posts with “The New Me: Part 1.”

We all earnestly appreciate your prayers through this time of transition.

Have a wonderful weekend and Lord’s Day,

The Evermind Staff