Connectivity in the Woods

Internet Connection in the Woods

Dear Friends,

We’d like to apologize. Mr. Brewster is having some difficulties with internet connectivity in the north woods of Wisconsin. It’s being worked on, but until he’s able to connect to the interweb his posts will be scant.

He’s extremely sorry for the inconvenience and prays the other content here will continue to be a blessing.

He will continue to write, however, in preparation for his reconnection to the world. :)

On a positive note, though his connectivity with us is shaky, he is starting many new and exciting relationships at Victory Academy.


The Evermind Staff

“Complete in Thee” The Wilds

Music Wednesdays

When we stand before God at the end of the age, we can know with everlasting certainty that we stand complete in Christ. Nothing we have ever done will add or take away from the perfect work of our substitutionary sacrifice, Jesus Christ.