#TBTB#TBT – 1/29/15

ThrowBack Thursday TBT

On January 12th, John Piper tweeted,

Some cover-ups are lies and some cover-ups are love. It depends on who’s doing the covering.”

AMBrewster replied with,

I think too many people misunderstand this principle. Love forgives, it doesn’t ignore or hide.”

He then linked to the article below (Love Hides Sin?).

We’re not sure exactly what Mr. Piper thought of Mr. Brewster’s article, but we do know that it’s cleared up some long-time misunderstanding for some. Hopefully it will be a blessing to you as well.

Does love “hide” sin?


“Before The Throne of God Above” – Soundforth


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When Satan tempts me to despair and tells me of the guilt within.                   Upward I look and see Him there; who made an end to all my sin.”

God’s on the throne. Don’t allow your fear, anger, guilt, or sadness dethrone Him.

“Your children won’t go . . . .” – Quote

“Your children won’t go in the right direction if you’re not moving that way as a couple.” Click To Tweet

Your children won't go . . . - Quote

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10 Ways You’re Making Your Family Life Harder Than It Has To Be

10 Ways You're Making Your Family Life Harder Than It Has To Be

On June 29, 2014 Tim Hoch wrote “10 Ways You’re Making Your Life Harder Than It Has To Be.”

It didn’t take long for it to go viral, and it has made many appearances on my friends’ Facebook walls. Though I don’t know if Mr. Hoch is a Christian, and can’t agree with everything he wrote, I do know many of the observations he made are not only applicable to the family . . . but are biblical.

Using Tim’s 10 ways and God’s infallible Word, let’s see how we can stop making our family life harder and start glorifying God with it instead.

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#TBTB#TBT – 1/22/15

ThrowBack Thursday TBT

If homosexuality was a big deal in former years, it will continue to be more so. And Christians must have a response.

But the Christian’s response to this issue must be two things: Loving and Biblical.

Joe Dallas got it right in his article To My Gay Angry Friend.


“I Believe in a Hill Called Mount Calvary” – Sam Robson

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We are incredibly thankful for Christ’s birth and life, but there is something so pivotal about His death and resurrection that we join Sam Robson in affirming the beauty of the Old Rugged Cross on the hill called Calvary!

“You can decide today that you know better . . . .” – Quote

“You can decide today that you know better than God, or you can submit to His design for your life.” Click To Tweet

You can decide that you . . . - Quote


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Your Emotions are “Inside Out” – Part II

Your Emotions are Inside Out

How to Destroy Your Family in 2:10 Minutes

Let me say again that I will give this movie a chance, and I don’t want to pass too strong a judgment on a mere 2:10 minute trailer. However, there is far too rich a collection of truths here to let dissipate into the mist of forgotten entertainment.

In Part I I discussed the nature of emotions. Their real purpose and practice is very different than with what our modern culture has indoctrinated us.

My desire for Part II is to systematically explain how the following scene all too accurately depicts the modern American family (Christians included) and how much more deadly the reality is.
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Weekend Update: 1/17/15

Weekend Update

By God’s grace, over the next few months Mr. Brewster’s traveling schedule will continue to grow. He plans to represent both Evermind Ministries and Victory Academy for Boys on his travels. He greatly appreciates your prayers and would love to connect with you if you’re in the same area.

He will be at Living Hope Bible Church in Roselle, IL tomorrow for a short visit during the morning service.

While we praise God for more opportunities to minister in churches, we’re thankful for the writing ministry here at Taking Back the Bible. If you didn’t read our feature article, Removing the Maskyou can click through to it here.

This coming Monday we’re very excited to publish Part II of Your Emotions are “Inside Out:” How to Destroy Your Family in 2:10 MinutesDon’t miss this powerful deconstruction of Pixar’s newest trailer for “Inside Out.”

Again, thank you for your continued prayers and support. We at Evermind Ministries are incredibly excited to see what God does through us this year.


The Evermind Staff

#TBTB#TBT – 1/15/15

ThrowBack Thursday TBT

Thankfully Westboro Church hasn’t been usurping the headlines in recent days. However, the delusion they suffer under is not solely theirs.

Be careful your ministry doesn’t start down the same path. Check out “Westboro Baptist Church Lies about God.”