Best of 2014

Taking Back the Bible's Best of 2014

Last year Evermind Ministries and Taking Back the Bible experienced fantastic periods of growth coupled with significant times of painfully slow internet. Praise God our sanctification isn’t dependent on how fast our computers can ping!

Readers from 95 countries helped us break many records in 2014, and we wanted to highlight the Top 10 articles that resonated the most with them. Just click on any of the images below to read the article or see the image!

Top Three Most Read Posts Written in 2014


Sleepovers: Helpful or Hurtful


The most destructive thing about Hollywood is not what you think


5 Things God Hates about Your Music

Top Two Most Read Posts Written before 2014


A Note on Modesty


Demons Among Us

Top Three Most Liked Images


Christian Quote


Christian Quote


Christian Quote

Top Two Editor’s Picks

Best Series

Is God a Jerk

Favorite Post

Your Emotions are Inside Out

We hope you were encouraged, edified, rebuked, and admonished enough in 2014 to continue reading us in 2015. We want nothing more than to keep God’s Truth at the center of your daily experience! Please subscribe to us by clicking “Follow Taking Back the Bible” on the top right.


The Evermind Staff

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