“The Art of War . . . um, I mean Debate”

The Art of War . . . um, I Mean Debate.
The Art of War . . . um, I Mean Debate.

Debates. We say we hate them, but we all get into them . . . all the time.

Every disagreement that presents two conflicting viewpoints is a debate of one form or another. It may simply be a friendly squabble, a formal argument, or a kick-to-the-head Facebook brawl.

And just because people use them the wrong way or participate in them sinfully does not automatically mean all debates are sinful. Jesus Himself frequently entered conversations where differing opinions struggled and where people walked away still in disagreement. This observation teaches us two things: 1. There are righteous ways to debate, and 2. Just because the other person isn’t swayed to our side after the final rebuttal, doesn’t make the process invaluable.

Because if you believe all debates are wrong or pointless . . . God disagrees with you.

So, how does a Christian debate in a way that pleases the Lord?

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