Flashback: Science Can’t Answer That


Science claims to answer questions that far exceeds its grasp.

Rejecting this reality leads to a dangerous mix of Truth and lies that can damn a man’s soul and reduce his spiritual impact.

Please read here to discover why science doesn’t have all the answers.


“Nothing you’ll be tempted with today . . . .” – Quote

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"Nothing you'll be tempted with . . ." - Quote

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Valentines, Communism, and Communicating Biblically

Valentines, Communism, and Communicating Biblically

I was twenty-seven when I took ownership of my first class of impressionable sixth graders. Those twenty-three minds were a veritable blank canvas ready for my pedagogical feather to tickle their intellects and break up the ground of their mixed metaphors.

Everything progressed perfectly until Fate took a sick day during second semester. One of my fellow elementary professors broke the news to me like this:

“All of your students have to give a valentine to everyone else in their class.”

Even now I think my response was genius.

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Flashback: WildHeart Adventure Camp


Does your son love the outdoors? Does he need to get out there because he doesn’t like it at all? WildHeart Adventure Camp may be exactly what he needs.

Mr. Brewster knows this place he’s extremely excited to share with you. If you are someone you know would benefit from a program like this, click here to read more, and don’t hesitate to call!


“. . . are you malnourished?” – Quote

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"Are you malnourished?" - Quote

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The Best Reason to Homeschool is Not What You Think

The Best Reason to Homeschool is Not What You Think

Perhaps you’ve read the articles and are pumped about the possibility of donning professor robes and providing advanced tutelage in biochemistry and British literature to your eager two year old.

Maybe you’ve already started homeschooling and realize that preparing your kids for college by the age of twelve is proving to be harder than you thought.

Whether you’re new to the idea or a veteran home educator, I’d like to ask you to reconsider your reasons for homeschooling.

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Weekend Update: 2/6/16

Weekend Update

Has Evermind Ministries been a blessing to you so far in 2016?

If so, please partner with us be reading and sharing this Monday’s Featured Article: AMBrewster’s “The Best Reason to Homeschool is Not What You Think.” Using his unique insight (and even more unique sense of humor), Mr. Brewster shares his personal journey from homeschooled kid to homeschooling parent and the moment he realized he was doing it all for the wrong reasons.

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Flashback: “Taking Back the Bible


We live in a social experiment where everyone feels they have the right to interpret and apply the Bible however they choose.

This is a travesty. God hates it, and we Christian’s mustn’t allow it.

If you feel the same way, please enjoy AMBrewster’s “Taking Back the Bible.”