T.L.P. Episode 11: What Should Your Family Be Thankful For?

TLP 11Today Aaron shares some encouragement for your family at Thanksgiving and exposes his family’s little secret.

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T.L.P. Episode 10: Fluffy Children’s Ministries

TLP 10: Fluffy Children's Ministries

Are the spiritual authorities in your kids’ lives teaching them Truth or helping them
become moral pagans? Join us today to
find our if the teen and children’s ministries in your church are too “fluffy.”

You can find an article version of this podcast here: https://evermindministries.com/2014/04/28/fluffy-childrens-ministries/

Check out Kids4Truth’s article about how to know if your children’s ministry is too “fluffy:” http://blog.kids4truth.com/blog/2014/4/13/5-ways-to-know-when-your-childrens-ministry-is-too-fun-fluffy

And please read Barrett Johnson’s article about how to raise a pagan kid in a Christian home: http://www.infoforfamilies.com/blog/2013/11/13/how-to-raise-a-pagan-kid-in-a-christian-home

What Christians Need to Change Now that Trump Is President

What Christians Need to Change Now That Trump Is President

Trump may have won a victory, but it was narrow at best. There’s now a portion of the country that’s excited to see him uphold the constitution. There’s a larger contingent that’s very uncertain what to expect, yet cautiously optimistic. And there appears to be at least half of the country that’s petrified what this horrible man will do to America.

At this very moment each of those groups are planning to make changes. Some are planning to revamp governmental power and oversight. Some are planning to riot. Some will undoubtedly change their anti-Trump tunes, and others may actually emigrate.

But what should Christians change?

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TLP 9: It Only Takes a Generation to Die

Truth.Love.Parent. 9Will your zeal for Christ pass on to your kids? What about their kids? What can you do to give your children the best spiritual chance possible?

Read here for an article version of this podcast:

Click here for Ken Ham’s article “Gone in Only One Generation: The Battle for Kids’ Minds:”