What Christians Need to Change Now that Trump Is President

What Christians Need to Change Now That Trump Is President

Trump may have won a victory, but it was narrow at best. There’s now a portion of the country that’s excited to see him uphold the constitution. There’s a larger contingent that’s very uncertain what to expect, yet cautiously optimistic. And there appears to be at least half of the country that’s petrified what this horrible man will do to America.

At this very moment each of those groups are planning to make changes. Some are planning to revamp governmental power and oversight. Some are planning to riot. Some will undoubtedly change their anti-Trump tunes, and others may actually emigrate.

But what should Christians change?

Now that there’s someone in office who seems to be on our side, now that we have a president who talks like religious liberty is important to him, now that there’s a Commander in Chief who actually wants to promote conservatism . . . .

What should Christians do differently?

Absolutely nothing, but potentially everything.

Brothers and Sisters,

It doesn’t matter what happens in this world. Whether it’s a natural disaster, exchange of power, or alien encounter, God hasn’t changed. Who He is and what He expects from us isn’t morphing with the cultural tide. We need to be just as loving, patient, kind, gentle, righteous, holy, faithful, trusting, and at peace as we were last year.

The commands to preach and teach His Truth, to disciple our children, and to one-another the body of Christ are still required of us. It doesn’t matter who the president is, nothing happening right now is an excuse to worry, get angry, be unkind, or seek vengeance.

If you’re a Bible-obeying Christian, there’s nothing you need to significantly change. Just keep being changed into His image as you were last month. Keep reading God’s Word, keep believing God’s Word, and keep obeying God’s Word. Keep growing in your love of Christ. Love God and do whatever you want!

However, if you’re a child of God and have not consistently been growing in your sanctification, then I would strongly encourage you to take your relationship with the Lord more seriously and start reflecting His life and character. Trust that He knows what He’s doing. Believe that His way is best. But this has nothing to do with our changing president, it has to do with our immutable, loving God.

The world is changing, it always will, but God’s expectations for us are still the same, and His Word is the source of everything we need for life and godliness.




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