T.L.P. Episode 16: Planning for a Successful Family

Premeditated parents plan, and New Year’s Resolutions are a wonderful partPlanning for a Successful Family of that process. Join us today to learn what types of resolutions your family needs to make, and how to successfully implement those resolutions all year.

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New Year’s Resolutions and a Trident!

New Year's Resolution and a Trident

It’s almost the New Year, and the stereotypically clichéd thing to do at the end of the year is to make New Year’s resolutions.

And – to be frank – that’s not a bad idea.

Just because 98% of people will fail to keep their resolutions into the New Year, doesn’t mean that resolutions are bad or worthless. Think about the other amazing things 98% of Americans either don’t do or regularly fail at.

And doesn’t it make sense that intentional, God-loving people would develop a plan for the new year? The key isn’t making or not making resolutions, the “key” is actually more like a trident – three points all necessary to make your resolutions part of who you are.

So, today we’re going to talk about those three things necessary to successfully implementing your resolutions, but more importantly, we’re going to discuss the types of resolutions intentional, followers of Christ should be making. So, let’s start with our New Year’s Trident . . .

The New Year's Resolution Trident 1

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T.L.P. Episode 15: Make Your Family’s Christmas “More”

Make Your Family's Christmas More

Is it possible we don’t do enough in our celebration of Christmas? Is the holy baby and the presents all there are? Today, AMBrewster shares four things you can do to put the Savior back into Christmas.

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More Than The Manger

More Than The Manger

By all means, put up the tree, wrap the presents, and watch Home Alone. Take as many days off of work as you can and spend lots of time with your family. And, if you haven’t heard it, check out Episode 8 of Truth.Love.Parent. about making your family time work better. In short, continue celebrating Christmas the way you have, just make this one change.

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T.L.P. Episode 14: Kids and Movies: Parenting Your Kids to Success

There’s life-altering, spirit destroying element hidden in your child’s favorite story 4-logo-14 book. Join AMBrewster as he reveals the most destructive thing about our entertainment and how you can successfully parent your children through them.




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The Communication House for Your Home

The Communication House

It poisons conversations. It steals into nearly every Facebook debate. It train-wrecks biblical one-anothering. And it’s present in 100% of broken relationships.

Communication problems.

There isn’t an unbruised holiday, a unscarred hour, or an unsoiled event. Even in the midst of the most loving conversations, lies, silent treatment, screams, propaganda, cutting words, manipulation, and vitriol have appeared from thin air as suddenly and explosively as a Las Vegas magician.

We’re all guilty.

But wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could eradicate the needless communication problems listed above in order to focus on the really important things? Instead of unraveling a knot of lies, we could seek forgiveness and restoration. Instead of disarming an exploding temper, we focus on points of agreement. Instead of throwing verbal hand grenades designed to decimate our opponents, we could reason our ways toward a solution.

To this end, I’d like to share this simple tool, and I pray it will be beneficial for your family both in both learning to communicate correctly and being reminded to communicate correctly.

I call it the “Communication House.”

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T.L.P. Episode 13: Parenting Blood to Water

Parenting Blood to Water

How did Jesus relate to His family when there was a disagreement? Join us today to unpack the deeply cultural, yet biblically incorrect worship of family.

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T.L.P. Episode 12: Prepare Your Kids. Don’t Protect Them.

TLP 12: Prepare Your Kids. Don't Protect Them.There are things in this world we must protect our children from, but there are also battles our children must fight themselves. They don’t need to be protected from those onslaughts; they need to be prepared to meet them head on.

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