Our Favorite Articles from 2016

Top of 2016

Welcome to 2017!

But before we douse ourselves in essential oils and attack the new year, let’s take a moment to reflect on the best of 2016.

The Most Read Posts

1st Place

In 2014 AMBrewster started a Sunday Sermon Series entitled “Peace In.” Apparently, 2016 was a year for those in need of peace, because this series tops our list.

Sunday Sermon Series

2nd Place

2016 also saw a continued rise in social media outlets. The article “What Your Friend’s Snarky Facebook Post Says about You” showed us just how revealing social media really is.

Snarky Facebook

3rd Place

Last year was a year for families around Evermind Ministries. In September we started a new podcast (more about that later) and an article entitled “Is Blood Really Thicker Than Water?” helped give families a more biblical perspective on our earthly relationships.

Is Blood Really Thicker than Water

The Most Liked Articles

1st Place

The 2016 post that received the most likes isn’t surprising. More and more families are choosing to homeschool, but not all of them are doing it for the best reasons. Check out “The Best Reason to Homeschool is Not What You Think.”

The Best Reason to Homeschool is Not What You Think

2nd Place

This post took second place in most read and most liked!

Snarky Facebook

3rd Place

Here’s another indicator that families have needs. “The Communication House for Your Home” was a recent addition to 2016, but it out-liked most of the other articles of the year. This post also includes a valuable image to print out.

The Communication House

The All-Time Most Liked Article

And speaking of most liked . . . “Ten Ways You’re Making Your Family Life Harder Than It Has To Be” is still sitting pretty as our most liked post ever.

10 Ways You're Making Your Family Life Harder Than It Has To Be

The Most Listened to Podcasts

Truth.Love.Parent. is the newest edition to the Evermind Ministries Family, and we’ve been promoting each podcast in order to help more people find it. T.L.P. is a parenting podcast designed to help us all become more intentional, premeditated parenting. And it’s catching on! Here’re the most listened to episodes:

1st Place

The first episode is “Who We Are And What That Means for You.” We suggest you take a few minutes to get to know them as well!

Who We Are And What That Means for You

2nd Place

Episode 5 was based off a very popular article by the same title: “Removing the Mask: 4 ways to better understand your child.” Who doesn’t want to do that better?

Removing the Mask

3rd Place

The third most listened to podcast is “Kids and Movies: Parenting Your Kids to Success.”


The Most Enjoyed Quotes

1st Place

In a culture of misinformation, lies, and exaggerations, it’s no surprise that this was our most clicked image.

Stop Calling God a Liar

2nd Place

Simple though the concept and the art may be, here’s your second favorite quote of the year. Seems telling, doesn’t it?

Christian Quote

3rd Place

2016 was also a year of high emotion. Movies were made about it, and people displayed loads of it at every event . . . and election.

Which will you choose?

The All-Time Most Liked Quote

And here’s our most liked quote ever.

Christian Quote

Editor’s Choice

There were many articles published in 2016, but of them all, Mr. AMBrewster chose “How to Kill a Christian” as his top pick. His reason?

Our society is already moving in this direction. In fact, Trump’s presidency may be the one ingredient necessary to push law-makers over the edge. It likely won’t happen this year, but steps are being taken, and before long it will be legal to kill Christians. It’s happened so many times before.

How to Kill a Christian

We hoped you enjoyed our “mosts” and “tops” and we pray that Taking Back the Bible, Truth.Love.Parent., and Evermind Ministries will be an integral part in helping you become more like Christ this year.

What're your thoughts?

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