A TLP Snippet: Transgenderism is Child Abuse

Welcome to this TLP Snippet – parenting wisdom in 5 minutes or less. I’m your host, AMBrewster and I want to remind you of something very important that happened a year ago this week.

In March of 2016, the American College of Pediatrics issued a statement on transgenderism in children. It was authored by Dr. Paul McHugh who is a Johns Hopkins Medical School of Psychology Professor.

I’m going to share part of their statement in a moment, but first we need to understand that science belongs to God. He created it, and even secular man can learn about God and come to biblical conclusions when they rightly interpret the natural world.

This is why this article is so beneficial. They list our eight arguments concerning why gender reclassification is harmful – and whether they intended it or not, the observations are honest and Truthful.

You likely already believe it’s harmful, but I encourage you to listen to this list and be knowledgable. You will likely meet proponents of transgenderism who will need you to speak scientific truth into their lives, but you’ll also have to address these concepts at some point with your kids because they’re growing up in this culture, and they too need to understand how God created the world to work.

So, here are the eight arguments:

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