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ThrowBack Thursday

We hope “Not as the Word of Men” reminds you of the divine nature and miraculous power of the book we call the Bible!

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Not as the Word of Men

Science Can’t Answer That


Where did life originate?

Where did man come from?

How did the universe come into being?

The answers to these questions are viciously fought over by the “scientific” and “religious” communities. It’s due to this turf-war that the average person thinks God and Science are somehow on different sides of the Mason/Dixon and are at eternal odds with each other. Just Google “God and Science” and you’ll find plenty of pictures just like the one above.

But the idea that God and science somehow disagree couldn’t be further from the Truth.

If we’re going to Take Back the Bible here, then we have to start with the presupposition that God is who He says He is, and that the Bible’s description of the physical and spiritual is infallibly true. With that as the starting point, we see that science is actually the tool we use to understand God’s creation. Science (the observable & repeatable process by which we study the universe) wouldn’t even be possible without the universe God created!

But before we continue, I’d like to make an assertion and see how you respond to it. Here it goes:

Science cannot tell us everything, and it cannot prove anything that is contrary to the Scriptures.

Yeah, but . . .

Now, regardless of which side of the debate you fall on, your mind may just have suffered a slight misfire. Perhaps you thought something like the following:

  • The Theist – “What can science not teach us? And hasn’t science contradicted the Scripture before?”
  • The Atheist – “Science is the only way to know life, and science disproves God every day!”

But neither of these is actually true.

Science, as defined by Merriam Webster, is

“knowledge about or study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observation.”

No observable and repeatable scientific study has ever disproven the Bible’s Truth claims. In fact, all of them have supported exactly what the Bible says.

So why did everyone who heard me say, “Science cannot tell us everything, and it cannot prove anything that is contrary to the Scriptures.” furrow his brow in either potential or kinetic disbelief?

The Problem Isn’t Science; It’s Interpretation

I started the above section assuming some things; namely that God is God and the Bible is His revealed Word. From that starting point, there’s nothing observable or repeatable in the world that in any way contradicts the Bible’s claims.

However, if I start with a different set of a priori assumptions, I could conclude that almost everything I observe in this world proves that God can’t exist.

Notice, it’s not the actual observation or repetition that proves anything . . . it’s how the facts are interpreted. As objective as secular scientists claim to be,  it’s their own worldview that causes them to come to the conclusions they do, not the world around them.

This video does an AWESOME job of visually explaining this concept.

It’s Time to Recap

True science cannot disprove God. It’s only when personal interpretations cloud observations and repetitions that one can conclude that God doesn’t exist.

So, where did life originate?

Where did man come from?

How did the universe come into being?

Science can’t answer that.

For Your Consideration

“Foolish are the Flesh to Souls”

I asked a fish how birds can touch the clouds.
He gurgled out a laugh and said,
“Don’t be foolish, friend, no creature can!”
“But I know they do.” said I.
Yet he replied, “I never saw who did.”

I asked a bat how suns traverse the sky.
He winked a knowing eye and said,
“My boy, you ask the wrong question!”
“What should I ask?” said I?
“Please ask how ‘moons’ traverse instead.”

I asked a lion to eat some grass and had to dodge
His sworded paw. “No creature can survive not fed
On meat, you idiot! Now be my treat!”
“I’d rather live.” said I.
And questioned not how sure he was none did.

I asked a bird how fish can never breathe the air.
The bird so arrogantly said,
How simple you are to believe such things.”
“Why’s that?” said I.
“No bird has proved a fish can live without a breath.”

And so I ceased my questioning of those who cannot know.
Ability and experience cannot alone
Answer all the things that lie outside the home
We call these bones.
As foreign are the fish to birds, so foolish are the flesh to souls.


Thank You for Your Word

I will bow down toward your holy temple and give thanks to Your name for Your lovingkindness and Your truth; for You have magnified Your word according to all Your name.” Psalm 138:2

It was Shakespeare who asked the immortal question, “what’s in a name?” When the Bible speaks of a name, it means far more than the title you call when trying to get someone’s attention.

Firstly, in ancient times names carried a deeper denotation. The word Abraham meant “father of multitudes.” The word Jacob meant “deceiver.” And more often than not a child was named for a very particular reason. Consider Hosea’s daughter, Lo-ruhamah (literally: “she has not obtained compassion”); named because God had chosen to no longer have compassion on the house of Israel (Hosea 1:6). There are also occasions were adults changed their birth names to reflect a modulation in their lives. Ruth’s mother-in-law, Naomi tried to change her name to Mara (“bitter”) for she believed God had “dealt very bitterly with [her].”

Secondly, without delving too deeply into the original language, the word often translated “name” speaks to the character of the individual. Proverbs tells us to choose a “good name” over great riches. Here, having a good name refers to possessing a pure character before the world.

God has magnified His Word according to His name. Who is God? What is His character? Isaiah tells us He’s holy. We know He cannot lie. He keeps His promises. He’s righteous. He’s loving, kind, merciful, and gracious. He’s eternally faithful. He seeks only our best interest. He’s infinitely an infinite amount of things . . . and everything He is has magnified, literally “made big,” His Word.

Do we make God’s Word big? Do we make it preeminent in our decision-making, in our thinking, in our lives? The Bible is a perfect, though not complete, record of God’s doings in regard to man. He created the world. He ordered its way, and when the world chose a different way, God provided the ONLY way though Jesus Christ (see “What You NEED to Know). It is the all-sufficient guide for every situation in life. All of it is from God; you can’t pick and choose which parts God said, which He might have said, and which He didn’t say. It is all directly breathed out by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

If it wasn’t completely inspired, then God is a liar.

“Thank you, Lord for You Word! Thank you for leading us to You and showing us how to glorify You in this life!”

Taking Back the Bible

Taking Back the Bible

This blog is an extension of Evermind Ministries as is specifically designed for people who 1. believe the Bible says what it means and means what it says, or 2. are trying to find out what the Bible says in the first place.

Of course we’re not foolish enough to think we’re going to agree on everything, but you can feel safe knowing the writers (and most of the readers) are here because they yearn for the voice of God to resonate off the pages of His Word.

With that said please feel free to leave comments. In fact we strongly urge you to comment and discuss. We need all of the accountability we can get, and a little friendly debating never hurt anyone.

Please keep visiting this blog as it grows . . . and may you grow because you visited it.


For Your Consideration:

“Taking Back the Bible”

 We now must wrest the Truth from teachers false;
Let shine the Light despite that vile
Veil the darkness drops to make men blind,
And give again the Word its value – stolen by Belial.
Come, brothers, join me in this needed task
Of razing lies by taking back the Bible!


Taking Back the Bible
Taking Back the Bible

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