Flashback: “Taking Back the Bible


We live in a social experiment where everyone feels they have the right to interpret and apply the Bible however they choose.

This is a travesty. God hates it, and we Christian’s mustn’t allow it.

If you feel the same way, please enjoy AMBrewster’s “Taking Back the Bible.”

Flashback: “Some Posting Motivation”


Yes, Facebook can be redemptive! But only if our motivation is heaven-bent.

Please enjoy yet some more poeticality from AMBrewster as he redeems the social post in “Some Posting Motivation.”

Some Posting Motivation

Flashback: “Reflections on Being Jesus”


“There’s a crushing, beautiful weight that accompanies being cast to play Jesus on stage. It’s not humbling, it’s humiliating. It’s the impossible role, because I could never get it 100% right. But it’s a vital part that every Christian must play.”

-Aaron M. Brewster

AMBrewster had the significant pleasure of playing Jesus Christ on stage for seven years in three different productions. Here are some of his insights for every Christian on stage and off. Click here to read more.


Flashback: “To Show the Christ”


A few years back Mr. Brewster took his love for poetry and the unique experience of portraying Christ on stage and crafted a weighty poem entitled “To Show the Christ.” One can only do so much, and in the end the greatest we can do is show the Christ.

You can read that poem for yourself by clicking here.


Flashback: “Can Facebook Be Redemptive?”


What is Facebook? Are social media sites really any different than verbal communication?

In “Can Facebook Be Redemptive,” AMBrewster discusses the real purpose for Facebook and provides 10 ways to accomplish that purpose.


“Do you want . . . .” – Quote

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"Do you want . . . ." - Quote

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Weekend Snark: 1/2/16

Weekend Update

It’s a new year around the globe, and it’s a new internet provider at Evermind!

With that said, we hope to publish more consistently than we were able to in the internet black-hole that was 2015.

In celebration of our new connectivity and along with our new look, AMBrewster has a great piece about social media being published on Monday called “What Your Friend’s Snarky Facebook Post Says About You.” You wouldn’t want it saying anything your mother wouldn’t approve of, so we suggest you read his article.

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Looking forward to an amazing year,

The Evermind Staff

Top Reads in 2015


Today’s the last day of 2015, and here are our top posts from the year!

Top Articles

1st Place

The most destructive thing about Hollywood is not what you think

2nd Place

10 Ways You're Making Your Family Life Harder Than It Has To Be

3rd Pace

Your Emotions are Inside Out

Top Quotes

1st Place

Christian Quote

2nd Place

Christian Quote

3rd Place

"If the Word of God were . . . ." - Quote

Author’s Pick

Removing the Mask: 4 Ways to Better Understand Your Child

Thanks for reading! We can’t wait to see what God does in 2016.

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The Evermind Staff

#TBTB#TBT – 12/31/15

ThrowBack Thursday TBT

Digital conversation is fraught with difficulty. Here, AMBrewster shares a conversation he had with @Atheist_Deity, which we hope will encourage those who believe, provoke those who don’t, and provide a model for those interested in controversial conversations with the world.

Click here or on the picture below to see the whole conversation:

Does it Help?

Twitter Poll


You read.

You probably read a lot.

But how much does what you read change who you are?

AMBrewster is asking the same question on a Twitter poll here. Please slice a moment out of your time and let him know how much the stuff you’re reading actually affects you.