Weekend Update: 2/21/15

Weekend Update

This coming week Mr. Brewster and Mr. Massey have an amazing opportunity to take the guys from Victory Academy snowshoeing in northern Wisconsin.

Please pray for this time; adventure camping in God’s beautiful, snow-crusted creation provides many chances to apply God’s Truth to key areas in a young man’s life.

Also, be on the lookout for Mr. Brewster’s Feature Article on Monday.

Have a great weekend!

Worship God in spirit and Truth,

The Evermind Staff

“10 Things Parents Miss” – Mark Massey

On August 16th of last 2014 I packed up my family, drove five hours into the Northwoods of Wisconsin, and joined forces with Mark Massey, executive director of Victory Academy for Boys.

The program is amazing.

There’s no more effective disciple-making paradigm than the family. That’s why the counseling format at Victory takes at-risk boys and injects them into an already functioning family. The boys live, sleep, eat, play, study, and grow in a house with a mom, dad, and siblings. They are trained from God’s Word how to glorify Him at the table, in the bathroom, at school, during a hike, in front of the TV, and in the hallways.

As a Residence Counselor (House Dad) at Victory I see the amazing opportunities intentional disciple-making parenting afford. But I also understand how many parents miss those opportunities when they don’t consider their child to be “at-risk.”

Mark Massey’s written a great article called “10 Things Parents Miss.” If you think it’s another list of “cigarette butts and porno mags,” you’re desperately mistaken. This is an outline of significant, biblical principles and mandates that parents frequently ignore in their child-rearing.

Check out the article below and visit Victory’s website. Your son may not be at-risk, but you may know a boy who is . . . and we’d love to help.


“Ten Things Parents Miss” by Mark Massey

Many of the teens in our Christian homes are leaving behind the practice of their faith: “Six out of ten twenty-somethings were involved in a church during their teen years, but have failed to translate that into active spirituality during their early adulthood” (Barna Group). We need revival in the work of raising the next generation for God!

1. Humility is the key

The parents’ worldview is critical to the success of parenting. How can we tell who is at the center of our worldviews, ourselves or God? Easy. We just evaluate what we do when things don’t go our way. Particularly, how do we respond when a child doesn’t do right? Pride demands that we have our own way, that the child submit to us. Humility may demand the same action or attitude, but since the focus is not on “my way,” but on the child’s desperate need to walk in God’s ways, the attitude—which teens do read—is very different.

2. Parenting as a team

The greatest gift we can give our teens is a secure home. The marriage relationship is the foundation of a child’s world. When mom and dad have their disagreements in private and present a unified, consistent direction, teens are more secure.

3. Honest evaluation

How often I have heard, “My son is really a good boy; he has a good heart.” The reality is that all of our hearts gravitate toward sin! (Jer. 17:9) We all think more highly of ourselves than we ought. Honestly recognizing the deep hold of sin in the human heart is essential to guiding our children. Without that, the parents let their protective boundaries fail, and the teen is at great risk.

4. Reaching the heart

We must get past behavior modification, the linking of good behavior to a reward (like getting a drivers license) or punishment (getting grounded). Reward and punishment are biblical, but they are not the totality of God’s plan. With only those, we get teens who calculate the cost: is the fun of disobedience worth the pain of the punishment—and they conclude “yes” all too often.

5. THE main point

The world talks about the parent-centered approach vs. the child-centered approach. Both fail. The main point of parenting is to produce a God-worshiping adult (Eph. 6:1-4).

6. The blindness of immaturity

Teens naturally must try new things as they grow. However, the danger is that, in their inexperience, they may experiment with things that bring bondage.

7. The value of values

Hypocrisy is intolerable. It eats away at the soul as cancer eats at the flesh. We and our teens must do the right deed for the right reason: Bible-based, God-honoring values at the core of our being.

8. Strategic planning

Do we have a more definitive plan for our finances than we do for our families? To develop character in our children, we need to plan the process and have tangible goals, That is, we can see whether or not there is progress. Ephesians 6 calls us to bring our children through the process of maturing spiritually. We need to write down each child’s unique set of needs (spiritual, emotional, relational, physical), the methods of meeting the needs, and what observable action or condition would indicate success.

9. Communication and problem solving

The power of biblical communication results from five values. Communication works when we are honest, current, edifying, kind, and forgiving (Eph. 4:21-32).

10. The importance of family

Enjoying the gift of family is not an extra, it is a God-designed part of success. Casual, fun times are vital to the training and disciplining process. The sense that being family is a positive thing is a platform for the ministry of parents (Psalm 78; Deut. 6). The idea that a little “quality time” is enough is a myth. In giving children the quantity of time that they crave, you find the quality time happen. It cannot be commanded to appear on cue.

Weekend Update – 2/7/15

Weekend Update

This weekend Mr. Brewster is on a three-day youth retreat at Camp Chetek. He’s been enjoying the messages, skiing, and interacting with the campers.

On Monday he’s going to introduce us to Chetek’s retreat speaker, Mark Massey. Mr. Massey is also the executive director of Victory Academy for Boys where Mr. Brewster now ministers.

So, look out for Monday feature “10 Things Parents Miss” and get introduced to Victory Academy for Boys.


The Evermind Staff


Weekend Update: 8/16/14

Weekend Update


The move is done, and we have a very special note from Mr. Brewster!

But before we share it with you, please note that there will be no Sunday Sermon Series this week, but don’t miss our Monday Feature: “‘5 Ways to Fail God’ by Miley Cyrus.”

Also, Ask the Counselor is our new interactive feature where you can email us at any time with questions you have about what the Bible says and what that means for you. Please note that all correspondence is confidential and founded in God’s Word.

Now please enjoy this personal letter from AMBrewster:



Well, I’m here . . . and I’m exhausted.

Moving is taxing in itself, and though the vast majority of the heavy-lifting was done last week when I drove my family up here to Victory, the mental and emotional weight of leaving the people I’ve been ministering to for the past seven years has left me drained.

Yet along with the exhaustion comes a renewed excitement for everything the Lord has planned for us this year. I am anticipating great things from God this fall and hope you’re looking forward to them as much as I am. I’m very excited about working at Victory, and I’m pumped about the opportunities Evermind Ministries will have in our new home.

So, even though most of the boxes are unpacked, there’s still a lot of work to be done. I’ll be starting my training soon so I can learn the ropes up here at Victory. New posts from me may be spotty for a time, but my desire is to start here strong without any interruptions in either ministry. We’ll see if the Lord allows me to accomplish that. I also would like to start conference speaking after I get settled in. Please remember that if I can be a blessing to your ministry, do not hesitate to reach out to me at AMBrewster@EvermindMinistries.Com. Our schedules may not always mesh, but I’ll do my best to make it happen.

I hope to be sharing pictures on Twitter very shortly of my family in our new home. Please feel free to follow me @AMBrewster for those updates and much more. Who knows, pics may even show up on Evermind’s Facebook page  or @EvermindTruth if they run out of interesting things to share. :-)

Please know that even though I don’t know all of you personally, I love you very much. I want God’s best for your life, and I pray that Evermind can play a beneficial role in you becoming more like your God.


Aaron M. Brewster

The New Me: Part 7, “The Woodsman”

Seven years.

What have you been doing for seven years?

For some activities it’s a long time; for others it’s merely a moment.

I’ve been serving at Bethel Baptist Church, Schaumburg Christian School, and Schaumburg Christian Day Camp for seven years and, in retrospect, it feels like the tick of the second-hand.

If’ you’ve been following the New Me Posts (which started with Part I back in May of 2012), you know I’ve been a busy boy for the past seven years. But all of that is coming to a God ordained close, and I’m excited to tell you about what’s happening next.

But, before I do . . . .

I’m not certain the best way to handle this next piece of information. It’s delicate, but yet necessary to the narrative of my life and this decision in the life of my family.

I need to tell you why we’re leaving my current ministry.

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