What Christians Need to Change Now that Trump Is President

What Christians Need to Change Now That Trump Is President

Trump may have won a victory, but it was narrow at best. There’s now a portion of the country that’s excited to see him uphold the constitution. There’s a larger contingent that’s very uncertain what to expect, yet cautiously optimistic. And there appears to be at least half of the country that’s petrified what this horrible man will do to America.

At this very moment each of those groups are planning to make changes. Some are planning to revamp governmental power and oversight. Some are planning to riot. Some will undoubtedly change their anti-Trump tunes, and others may actually emigrate.

But what should Christians change?

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How to Kill a Christian

How to Kill a Christian

How do you kill a Christian in America . . . and get away with it?

Imagine an America where killing Christians is not only socially acceptable, but also considered beneficial and even enjoyable. What social dynamics would have to exist in order for a society to reach this point?

Let’s do a little reverse engineering.

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#TBTB#TBT – 2/5/15

ThrowBack Thursday TBT

Christians disagree on the amount of control our government should have on weapons. Some see safety in restraint; others see governmental exploitation.

Wherever you land on the debate, you must be discerning.

Have you ever considered what history as to say on the matter? Check out “Assault Swords” by AMBrewster.


#TBTB #TBT – “Indonesian Hatred in America”

ThrowBack Thursday

Why is America . . . so dead-set on becoming like Indonesia in their ridiculous hate-speech legislation?”

“Hate Speech” is a phrase created by people who want to keep others from disagreeing with them. Christians should never use this phrase because we know that we will be hated and there’s nothing we can do about it. But we needn’t tolerate it when individuals or governments attempt to keep us from speaking truth in love.

We hope you’re re-invigorated for truth after reading “Indonesian Hatred.”

Indonesian Hatred

“There’s No Such Thing as a ‘Pro-Choice’ Christian” – Matt Walsh



Listen, Matt and I have disagreed before, and I acknowledge that his style is confrontational and direct. But this has nothing to do with Mr. Walsh; it has to do with the truth he’s proclaiming with no compunction.

And that’s what I love about him. He’s not just antagonisticly throwing his own opinion in everyone’s faces – he’s confrontational and direct about absolute TRUTH.

This post says exactly what it needs to say exactly how it needs to say it. And he’s 100% correct when he wrote,

If churches in America had any guts, this message would be proclaimed from the pulpit at least once a month.”

This has to be said, and we should all be saying it.

And I am proud to be counted with everyone who stands courageously and says “There’s No Such Thing as a ‘Pro-Choice’ Christian.”

American Fascism

American Fascism

Fascism is defined as

A way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government.” –Merriam Webster

Have we come to this in America? Think carefully before you answer
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Sentenced to Death for Being a Christian

Sentenced to Death for Being a Christian

You’ve heard it.

The internet is brimming with it (which is a little surprising because normally something like this is swept under the rug by the mainstream media. Even NBC picked this up.).

How must the Christian view this?

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Let’s Watch an Abortion!

Let's Watch an Abortion

Emily Letts.

Famous. Infamous.

She attempted to show the world the sunny-side of abortion. But did it work?

Undoubtedly, many people have been inspired by her video; others have been horrified. And I?

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Let Us Pray – Or Not?

Let Us Pray

No Doubt

I don’t question for a minute that someone will publish an article today that lists “397 Reasons No Christian Should Ever Participate in a National Day of Prayer.”

May I step out of character for a moment and respond like a 14-year-old girl?



Our government is not trying to hide the fact that they think people like us (who believe the Bible means what It says) are the idiots of the world village. They make no apology for supporting what we decry and razing what we adore. So, the fact that our country still practices a National Day of Prayer is encouraging.


I guarantee that the people you enjoy talking to the most and the people you enjoying hearing talk the most are the people who care the most about. This is true in our human interactions because God created it that way. God created verbal communication in order to make Himself known to us and to give us a medium for deep relationship with Him.

In this dispensation, He talks to us through His Word and we talk back through our prayers.

And how great is it that the government has sanctioned a day perfectly fitted for carrying-on redemptive dialogue?!

Yeah, but . . . .

But all the wrong people will do it all the wrong ways!” someone is bound to whine.

How is that any different from every other day this month? Do we stop publicly participating in a vital facet of our relationship with God simply because other people will “mess it up”?


Let Us Pray

I want to encourage you to place a special emphasis on prayer today.

  • Not because you don’t have to pray every other day out of the year.
  • Not because the government wants you to.
  • Not because you want to align with every group and stripe praying today.
  • Not because I told you to.

I want to encourage you to place a special emphasis on prayer today because our God is awesome, we must proclaim His truth, and today the United States government is actually giving us a very visible platform for proclaiming that truth.

And for those of you pathetic enough to ignore God today because of some ridiculous, anti-biblical reason.


“The Star-Spangled Banner (in a Minor Key)” – Chase Holfelder

We realize there’s nothing inherently “biblical” about this . . . but it was just too gorgeous not to share.

Forgive us. :-)

Skip to 00:30 for the beginning of the song.