“You Are The Christ” – The Wilds

Music Wednesdays

When Jesus asked Peter who He was, Peter answered with the certainty of the ages:

You are the Christ! The Son of the most high God.”

May our confidence in that resolution be just as firm.

“I Am With You” – The Wilds

Music Wednesdays

An event that looks like a tragedy comes crashing into your existence – how do you respond?

Are you able to thankfully and peacefully rest in God’s goodness?

If not, we have two resources for you today:

  1. Please enjoy this introduction to the song “I Am With You” from The Wilds upcoming album entitled “Sing the Greatness.” This song was dedicated to Colonial Hills Baptist Church in Indianapolis. This is the same church that recently had the fatal bus crash that send four people into eternity. Their story is a tribute to the peace and grace we mentioned above.
  2. If you haven’t followed AMBrewster’s study on biblical peace from the book of Philippians, we urge you to start here – “Peace In: Part I.” Only by understanding who God is and by living out these “Peace Prerequisites” in your life will you be able to thankfully and peacefully rest in God’s goodness.

“Be Thou My Vision” – David Abramsky, cello/piano

Music Wednesdays

“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee.” Isaiah 26:3

This guy’s not famous, but he did a beautiful job recording this song and pretty decent job with the video.

We like to encourage people who’re doing their best to glorify God. Good job, David!

5 Things God Hates about Your Music


5 Things God Hates about Your Music

You love your music.

It excites you, mends you, and inspires you.

Each song in iTunes is there on purpose, and each playlist is like a chapter from your life.

You turn to music when you’re in a melancholic mood, an adrenaline-soaked frenzy, and a passionate smolder. There are songs for every occasion, and playlists for every party. We couldn’t escape it if we wanted to. It’s behind every movie fight scene, in every store, and rumbling through every sports arena.

For some, music isn’t just life, it’s everything they wish life could be.

But regardless of how well the song tells our story or how it makes us feel, the Christian desires to give Christ the preeminence. This means we must test our music (as well as our movies, movements, methods, and menus) against the Lord’s beautifully sufficient and perfect standard.

God loves that which gives glory to His character and hates that which steals the glory due Him.

So, does God love or hate your music?

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“Requiem for the Living” – The Chorale

Music Wednesdays

Granted this may only appeal to some of you, but the award winning composer Dan Forrest recently had his “Requiem for the Living” performed by Bob Jones University’s premier singing group, The Chorale.

This was posted by BJU and is a complete performance.

It’s long, but it’s beautiful.

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“This is My Word” – Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team

Music Wednesdays

This is what Taking Back the Bible is all about – God’s Word.


“Search Me, Know Me” – Steve Pettit Team

Music Wednesdays

Last week I introduced “I’ll Never Forsake You” from Steve Pettit’s former evangelistic team (on the album “Before You Now”).

This is another from that album.

May the line,

“All of my life before you now I humbly bring.”

be the resounding cry of each of our hearts. But more than that, may it be the practical outliving of our daily existence.

“I’ll Never Forsake You” – Steve Pettit

Music WednesdaysIf you’ve never been introduced to the former Steve Pettit Evangelistical Team and their music produced by Heart Publications, we would highly recommend you rectify that horrendous oversight. :-)

Here’s a selection from one of their newest albums (available on iTunes) called “Before You Now.” We love this album tremendously and pray it brings you comfort.

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“Nearer My God to Thee” – ThePianoGuys

Music Wednesdays

God commands us to love Him so much that we forsake all others – family, friends, passions, and pleasures.

So, it may seem contradictory to say the closer we are to God the closer we will be to the ones we love.

It is only when we are being conformed to the image of Jesus Christ that we can truly be the people we need to be. It is only then we can love as He would.

Nearer, my God, to thee, nearer to thee! 
E'en though it be a cross that raiseth me, 
still all my song shall be, 
nearer, my God, to thee; 
nearer, my God, to thee, nearer to thee! 

Though like the wanderer, the sun gone down, 
darkness be over me, my rest a stone; 
yet in my dreams I'd be 
nearer, my God, to thee; 
nearer, my God, to thee, nearer to thee! 

There let the way appear, steps unto heaven; 
all that thou sendest me, in mercy given; 
angels to beckon me 
nearer, my God, to thee; 
nearer, my God, to thee, nearer to thee! 

Then, with my waking thoughts bright with thy praise, 
out of my stony griefs Bethel I'll raise; 
so by my woes to be 
nearer, my God, to thee; 
nearer, my God, to thee, nearer to thee! 

Or if, on joyful wing cleaving the sky, 
sun, moon, and stars forgot, upward I fly, 
still all my song shall be, 
nearer, my God, to thee; 
nearer, my God, to thee, nearer to thee!

The Most Destructive Thing about Hollywood is Not What You Think


The most destructive thing about Hollywood is not what you think


There are more objectionable elements in modern entertainment than there are movie titles, but none of them are as disturbing and destructive as this one practically invisible plot line.


For the purposes of this post, “Hollywood” will represent the companies, individuals, and organizations that create the stuff Americans are daily stuffing into their ears and eyes. Nearly all of the movies, shows (both TV & internet), books, and music that fill iTunes are the topic of this conversation. Of course, Hollywood (and the American entertainment culture as a whole) are by no means the only culprits. The most destructive force in entertainment today is the same in every living room, culture, and hemisphere.
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