What Christians Need to Change Now that Trump Is President

What Christians Need to Change Now That Trump Is President

Trump may have won a victory, but it was narrow at best. There’s now a portion of the country that’s excited to see him uphold the constitution. There’s a larger contingent that’s very uncertain what to expect, yet cautiously optimistic. And there appears to be at least half of the country that’s petrified what this horrible man will do to America.

At this very moment each of those groups are planning to make changes. Some are planning to revamp governmental power and oversight. Some are planning to riot. Some will undoubtedly change their anti-Trump tunes, and others may actually emigrate.

But what should Christians change?

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How to Kill a Christian

How to Kill a Christian

How do you kill a Christian in America . . . and get away with it?

Imagine an America where killing Christians is not only socially acceptable, but also considered beneficial and even enjoyable. What social dynamics would have to exist in order for a society to reach this point?

Let’s do a little reverse engineering.

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“If a book that claims . . . .” – Quote

“If the book that claims to be the words of a perfect, almighty God is not inerrant . . . than the God of that book does not exist.” Click To Tweet

“If the almighty God’s book is inerrant . . . why aren’t you following it?” Click To Tweet

If the book . . . - Quote

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“‘5 Ways to Fail God’ by Miley Cyrus”

5 Ways to fail God by Miley CyrusWhen the world thinks an entertainer has slipped off the deep-end, you know it’s gotta be bad.

How does a sweet, “Christian” girl from “good” family pull an Anakin Skywalker?

The answers were always there.

For years, Miley has been teaching us exactly how to fail God.

Let’s take a look at one of the chapters from her “book” entitled How to Fail God.

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#TBTB #TBT – “Why I’m Not a Christian”

ThrowBack ThursdayIn his review of Bertrand Russell’s “Why I’m Not a Christian,” Jeremy Larson does a great job pointing out the inconsistencies that exist in Russell’s (and most other atheists for that matter) thinking.

All Christians must be ready to take back the Bible by preparing to give every man an answer for the hope that dwells within us. For this reason, it’s wise to acquaint ourselves with the atheist’s thinking, but then arm ourselves with God’s answers.

AMBrewster provides a few thoughts as a preface to Mr. Larson’s article here: “Why I’m Not a Christian.”

Why I'm Not a Christian

#TBTB #TBT – Why Does the World Hate Us?

ThrowBack Thursday

Has the intense anti-Christian vitriol spewed out by the culture ever made you wonder?

Are Christians really that bad?

Is our sincere love for the Creator of the universe and subsequent love for all of His creation so deplorable that we’re deserving of absolute detestation?

If we evermind God’s word, this question need not go unanswered. AMBrewster read a post by Doug Wilson that encouraged him to write this short piece about the real reason the unsaved culture hates Christians. Please click here to read “Why Does the World Hate Us?

Why Does the World Hate Us


5 Things God Hates about Your Music


5 Things God Hates about Your Music

You love your music.

It excites you, mends you, and inspires you.

Each song in iTunes is there on purpose, and each playlist is like a chapter from your life.

You turn to music when you’re in a melancholic mood, an adrenaline-soaked frenzy, and a passionate smolder. There are songs for every occasion, and playlists for every party. We couldn’t escape it if we wanted to. It’s behind every movie fight scene, in every store, and rumbling through every sports arena.

For some, music isn’t just life, it’s everything they wish life could be.

But regardless of how well the song tells our story or how it makes us feel, the Christian desires to give Christ the preeminence. This means we must test our music (as well as our movies, movements, methods, and menus) against the Lord’s beautifully sufficient and perfect standard.

God loves that which gives glory to His character and hates that which steals the glory due Him.

So, does God love or hate your music?

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#TBTB #TBT – Demons Among Us

ThrowBack Thursday

Demon’s Among Us” deserves to be one of Taking Back the Bible’s most widely read articles because it reminds us just what the fallen supernatural is and how it works in this world. There’s no reason to be afraid of Satan if you’re a born-again believer, but it’s foolish to underestimate his influence in this world.

We hope that AMBrewster’s article, “Demon’s Among Us,” is both instructive and edifying as we fight alongside each other in this battle against supernatural enemies.

Demons Among Us

#TBTB #TBT – Not Faith Related

ThrowBack Thursday

In 2012 a noted snake-handler died.

It was unfortunate, but important to our understanding of faith.

Please read “Snake-Bitten Snake Handler – Not Faith Related.

Not Faith Related

The Most Destructive Thing about Hollywood is Not What You Think


The most destructive thing about Hollywood is not what you think


There are more objectionable elements in modern entertainment than there are movie titles, but none of them are as disturbing and destructive as this one practically invisible plot line.


For the purposes of this post, “Hollywood” will represent the companies, individuals, and organizations that create the stuff Americans are daily stuffing into their ears and eyes. Nearly all of the movies, shows (both TV & internet), books, and music that fill iTunes are the topic of this conversation. Of course, Hollywood (and the American entertainment culture as a whole) are by no means the only culprits. The most destructive force in entertainment today is the same in every living room, culture, and hemisphere.
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