Flashback: “Taking Back the Bible


We live in a social experiment where everyone feels they have the right to interpret and apply the Bible however they choose.

This is a travesty. God hates it, and we Christian’s mustn’t allow it.

If you feel the same way, please enjoy AMBrewster’s “Taking Back the Bible.”

So Much the Dog – Poem

So Much the Dog

What tasted honey returned putrified.
What slid down cream has come up hell.
Sickness heaved the vile to the ground,
And there it rancors; sludge and smell.

I could limp away, the better for the lesson.
I could stop and stay, disgusted by the memory.
I should turn my eyes to tables righteous laden
And never wish the sin that caused the wretch in me.

But back to the waste I return –
Back to the gagging, sour fog.
I extend my tongue to sample the sick.
I choke it down – for I am the dog.


I can't - You did

I Can’t – You Did

I can't - You did

I don't.
I never did.
The opposite of deserving is the closest I have come.
In no storyline have I earned it.
I will never qualify.

I can't.
I never could.
Though I exert the agony of a billion Olympic athletes
And expel my weight in sweat . . .
It will never happen.

Yet You did.
You could and would.
Though You could grasp the infinite, You let it slip
And poured it out on ill-deserving me.
It happened.
And I am Yours.


“If We Evermind”

If We Evermind
"If We Evermind"

Whether it be two roads ‎
Or a sea to travel
Uncharted, we have no reason
To fear or need to quake
Because He has not left us
Empty or weak, but rich with truth.‎
And if we heed, we will not be blind;‎
If indeed we harken - if we evermind.‎

When comes a day that darkness shrouds
Or plenty falls away to famine,‎
We need not say that we’re abandoned
For all the way He stands, and patiently,‎
Tenderly He waits for us to follow
The pin-prick daylight He spreads
Before our feet. May we trusting walk the line
Betwixt the dangers on either side. May we evermind.‎

The same on morning splendor,‎
When feasting on goodness fattens
Our minds, and lazing softens our faith,‎
May we trusting turn our glass
And reckon Him. Not mistaking the blessing ‎
From His hand for working of our own,‎
We praising stand and thank in kind
For gifting us with life and truth to evermind.‎

There is no trace of human wisdom to compare
With a single phrase of His light. He stands
Above and sways the nations,‎
He speaks and worlds obey His smallest whim.‎
He willingly explains in words so clear – ‎
So humanly plain – that we can meet each challenge. ‎
We can trust His way and tread sublime
For He creates the truth that we must evermind. ‎

And when we keep His words before our eye
And turn our feet toward His Book,‎
His perfect wisdom metes to us in measure
Exactly what we need. There is no want,‎
But always greets us on the morn
Bounteous mercy and grace and direction
Perfect to speed us toward His chosen time;‎
If we follow, if we listen, learn, and evermind. ‎


“Be Most Dead”

Be Most Dead
"Be Most Dead"

Like a king meeting his death
On the road he took to avoid it,
So the church will breathe its last breath
When it tries to dictate its own worship

By implementing plans God denies.
For this can only happen
When men and women do not rely
On the truth the Lord has given.

In three days the temple had glory
By God's own hand.
And unless Christ sustains the body
It will fall under the plans of man.

Decapitation brings decay to every living thing.
How do you suppose to continue living
When you've severed Christ, our head?
The church, though full, will be most dead.


Written for "How to Destroy Your Church."

“he txtd me”

"he txtd me"

He txtd me
and said that I was cut3!
Then he asked me for a pic;
I took a selfy.
Y not?

He txtd me
and said that I was "hott"
and told me how he feels
when he c's me at skool.
I told him he was weird.

He txtd me
and asked to see me in
my new swimsuit.
The bois at the pool will see.
Y not?

He txtd me
and said the picture "trnd me on."
He said my body was gr8.
He asked for another.

He txtd me
and cmplimentd me a lot
and I felt btfl.
He said he wanted to kiss me.
Y not?

He txtd me
and wanted to see me nude.

He txtd me
and said he thought it might be fun . . . .
I felt kinda weird.
But it might be fun.
Should I?

What happened?
How did I get here?
I never wanted this. I wish
He never texted me.


Written for "Parents, Kids, and Tech-tation."

“Foolish are the Flesh to Souls”


“Foolish are the Flesh to Souls”

I asked a fish how birds can touch the clouds.
He gurgled out a laugh and said,
“Don’t be foolish, friend, no creature can!”
“But I know they do.” said I.
Yet he replied, “I never saw who did.”

I asked a bat how suns traverse the sky.
He winked a knowing eye and said,
“My boy, you ask the wrong question!”
“What should I ask?” said I?
“Please ask how ‘moons’ traverse instead.”

I asked a lion to eat some grass and had to dodge
His sworded paw. “No creature can survive not fed
On meat, you idiot! Now be my treat!”
“I’d rather live.” said I.
And questioned not how sure he was none did.

I asked a bird how fish can never breathe the air.
The bird so arrogantly said,
How simple you are to believe such things.”
“Why’s that?” said I.
“No bird has proved a fish can live without a breath.”

And so I ceased my questioning of those who cannot know.
Ability and experience cannot alone
Answer all the things that lie outside the home
We call these bones.
As foreign are the fish to birds, so foolish are the flesh to souls.


Written for “Science Can’t Answer That.”

“Let’s Learn from Creation”

“Let’s Learn from Creation”

Before He made man, God made dirt.
The first job He ordained? Gard’ner.
Yet the stain we all hate
Is the substance from which we were made,
And the job we refuse
Is the one man requires for food.

Children of Light cannot grow
Without the desire to know
More about the world God created.
How sad for a child separated
From the earth his Lord proclaimed, “Good.”
Let’s all reconnect with the wood.

Let’s see in the chaff and the wheat
Lessons ordained for this week.
Let us learn from the sparrow
That our Father will not suffer
His children, forgotten to cry.
Let’s learn from the ant to be wise.

Don’t bother to hug the rough bark.
You needn’t picket or build a new ark.
But take every chance that is there
To enjoy what the Heavens declare
About God Who chose to make sand,
And from it, create His first man.


Written for “WildHeart Adventure Camp.”

Let's Learn from Creation

“Taking Back the Bible”

“Taking Back the Bible”

 We now must wrest the Truth from teachers false;
Let shine the Light despite that vile
Veil the darkness drops to make men blind,
And give again the Word its value – stolen by Belial.
Come, brothers, join me in this needed task
Of razing lies by taking back the Bible!


Written for “Taking Back the Bible.”

Taking Back the Bible

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Please enjoy my first two submissions written specifically for Taking Back the Bible.

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