T.L.P. Episode 41: Applying God’s Truth to Our Children’s Lives

Is it enough to share verses and outline rules? Will our children be able to functionally realize the Lord’s will for their lives just because we told them they need to obey God? Join AMBrewster as he discusses five ways to apply Truth to your child’s life.

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Preaching Against Sin Requires Personal Application

Michael Riley reminds us here that when we preach, it must apply. It’s too easy to teach about things our students, children, counselees, and congregations don’t struggle with. This method is helpful, edifying, and useful for warning, but we CANNOT avoid dealing with the real-life issues that the people around us are dealing with. When we do that, we give a false sense of security. “I’m okay because I don’t believe in transubstantiation.” or “I’m glad we don’t have that kind of music in our church.” But are you preaching about gossip, lust, gluttony, disbelief, anger, hurtful sarcasm, laziness, spiritual apathy and the plethora of other ignored sins? #Balance in Preaching