T.L.P. Episode 30: Teens and Dating: what God has to say about their crush

Teens and Dating: what God has to say about their crushDid you know kids like each other? Yeah, they actually develop crushes and start hanging out more. Next thing you know, they want to kiss each other! But, did you also know the Bible doesn’t say anything about modern dating practices? So, what do we do? Do we teach our kids what worked for us? Or is there biblical Truth that applies to my daughter and her boyfriend? Join us today as we find out what God has to say about your child and their crush.

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What God has to Say about Your Crush

Relationships & God's Word

I recently made the observation on Facebook that the Bible does not directly address modern concepts of dating or courting. But it does define three relationships between unrelated men and women:

  1. The Husband & Wife
  2. The Saved & Unsaved
  3. The Saved & Saved

With all the talk about biblical masculinity and femininity (specifically within the realm of relationships), let’s take a minute to discover God’s point of view.

What does the Bible say?

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