Removing the Mask: 4 Ways to Better Understand Your Child

Removing the Mask: 4 Ways to Better Understand Your Child

We drive them to school.

We sleep under the same roof.

We watch every one of their games, concerts, and melt-downs.

We may even have the regular opportunity to share meals with them.

Yet we often have no idea who they are.

We used to think we knew our children, but no more. Perhaps you’ve felt what many parents have verbalized to me about their teenagers:

Something happened.”

They changed.”

They’re not the kid I used to know.”

What happened to my baby?”

This is all too common a parental conundrum, and it happens in many ways for many reasons. But right now, you’re likely less concerned about how it happened than you are about fixing it. And, for some reason, sitting down and asking your son “How’s school,” “Is something bothering you,” or “What are you thinking about?” just doesn’t seem to work anymore.

The encouraging reality is that our children communicate to us who they are in everything they do. They even scream their deepest heart issues to us with their silence.

With this thought in mind, I’d like to share 4 vital ways to remove your child’s mask and start the glorious process of knowing your child and helping them become the person God wants them to be.

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Best of 2014

Taking Back the Bible's Best of 2014

Last year Evermind Ministries and Taking Back the Bible experienced fantastic periods of growth coupled with significant times of painfully slow internet. Praise God our sanctification isn’t dependent on how fast our computers can ping!

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The Most Destructive Thing about Hollywood is Not What You Think


The most destructive thing about Hollywood is not what you think


There are more objectionable elements in modern entertainment than there are movie titles, but none of them are as disturbing and destructive as this one practically invisible plot line.


For the purposes of this post, “Hollywood” will represent the companies, individuals, and organizations that create the stuff Americans are daily stuffing into their ears and eyes. Nearly all of the movies, shows (both TV & internet), books, and music that fill iTunes are the topic of this conversation. Of course, Hollywood (and the American entertainment culture as a whole) are by no means the only culprits. The most destructive force in entertainment today is the same in every living room, culture, and hemisphere.
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