What is Evermind? Part 3

Evermind Ministries

So far we’ve discussed what Evermind desires to accomplish by the grace of God. You can read that here.

And we’ve also shown you how we hope to accomplish those goals. You can read that here.

Our mission will never be fulfilled by human means or by human power. We readily acknowledge that we need God through it all. But the beautiful thing about the body of Christ is that God chooses to use His children to be the instruments of grace to other believers.

It is for this reason we ask that you strongly consider doing one or all of the following:

1. Pray – Petition God that He grants us the grace and wisdom we need to share His truth in His way for His reasons.

2. Follow – Like us, follow us, and share us on social media. The more people we can reach with the answers to life and godliness, the better!

3. Invite – We know there are a lot of godly resources available out there, but we would love to partner with your family, group, class, ministry, or program if you will have us. We have a driving passion to share with the broader body of Christ what He is daily showing us through His Word!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.


AMBrewster and the Evermind Staff

What is Evermind? Part 2

Evermind Ministries

Yesterday we introduced you to what Evermind hopes to do.

Evermind Ministries exists to keep God’s Word at the center of the human experience by teaching it, reminding of it, and applying it to life.

Today, you’ll see how we plan to accomplish these monumental goals.

We want to tackle our three-pronged mission with a three-pronged approach. Continue reading “What is Evermind? Part 2”

What is Evermind? Part 1

Evermind Ministries

What Does Evermind Mean?

If you Google the word evermind you will find links for bands, web designers, and organizations. You will also find that Merriam-Webster says it’s not a word. Hmmm.

But Evermind Ministries is a Bible-based organization with a very well-defined purpose.

In the late 90′s Aaron Brewster came up with the word evermind to mean the exact opposite of never mind. It means simply “to continually keep at the forefront of one’s mind, and to make the center of one’s thoughts and motivations.”

We chose to use this word for our Ministry because we’ve found that God’s truth is frequently the last thing on people’s mind when they’re in line for coffee, navigating a mine field of bad drivers, in the throws of a child’s tantrum, or when they’re typing empty words into a business memo. But the divine reality is that God’s truth should not only always be in view, it should be the reason we’re standing in line for coffee or handling a child’s tantrum.

Seeing that His divine power has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness, through the true knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and excellence.” I Peter 1:3

Everything we need for life can only be found in the true knowledge of God. That true knowledge can only be found in the Scriptures. We must evermind God’s Word.

Our Mission Statement is simple: Continue reading “What is Evermind? Part 1”