#TBTB #TBT – “He seemed like such a nice man.”

ThrowBack Thursday

If you’re unfortunate enough to hear the comment, “He seemed like such a nice man,” then you were probably talking about someone who just went to jail for some heinous act.

Regardless of who you were talking about, the likely reality is that they were just found out for who they really were . . . but up until then they had everyone fooled.

Stop and consider the fact that there are people you know now who aren’t what they seem.

It’s sad, but true.

The Christian has the responsibility to be discerning enough to spot the wolves in sheep’s clothing. “‘He Seemed Like Such a Nice Man’ & False Teachers” is a short article about just that.

He seemed like such a nice man: False Teachers


“Destroy a Church in 4 Simple Steps” – Tim Challies

How to Destroy a Church I’ve seen it done. I’ve witnessed the destruction of a church, and despite the picture you have in your head of the church being attacked by some external strong arm of the devil or the world . . . the reality is that a church cannot be destroyed from the outside.

“True church-death comes only from inside.”  Click To Tweet

Tim Challies does an amazing job summarizing Paul’s admonition to Timothy in II Timothy 4. Here Paul unveils the four simple steps that will lead to church-death. But before you read his article, I want to make one sobering observation.

A born-again believer cannot lose their salvation. The people Paul describes in II Timothy turned away from God to myths. These people – the people who inevitably attended church and worked in the nursery and sat under healthy preaching and undoubtedly taught Sunday School – these people were never saved. Their eventual rejection of truth proved it.

Our churches are often filled with more unbelievers than we realize. We must reach them as deliberately as the rebel who walks in for the first time. If the number of faking-unconverted starts to outnumber the converted, destruction is imminent and this article beautifully lays out for you how it will happen . . . step by horrible step.

Please read “Destroy a Church in 4 Simple Steps.”

For Your Consideration:

"Be Most Dead"

Like a king meeting his death
On the road he took to avoid it,
So the church will breathe its last breath

When it tries to dictate its own worship
By implementing plans God denies.
For this can only happen
When men and women do not rely
On the truth the Lord has given.

In three days the temple had glory
By God's own hand.
And unless Christ sustains the body
It will fall under the plans of man.

Decapitation brings decay to every living thing.
How do you suppose to continue living
When you've severed Christ, our head?
The church, though full, will be most dead.


He seemed like such a nice man: False Teachers Who Wear Denim

He seemed like such a nice man: False Teachers

He seemed like such a nice man.”

How many serial killers and rapists do we need to hear such comments about before we realize that what a person projects to those around is not necessarily a mirror of their soul.

False teachers, no doubt, could have much the same said about them. Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary recently posted an article entitled Do False Teachers Preach in Denim? The main thesis was that wolves in sheep’s clothing do in fact look like sheep. They offer three ways to be aware of possible false teaching in your church. I’d like to add a fourth: Know God’s Word.

I understand that people lie, but inconsistencies will always leak out. Whether in public or private, no liar can feep up the facade day and night. This point aligns with DBTS’s second observation. But my purpose here is to show that lies cannot be seen as lies unless they are compared to truth. Bankers do not study counterfeit bills; they study real ones. If we are ignorant of the truth of God’s Word, we will never be able to perceive falsehood.

Satan beguiled Eve by re-wording the Word of God. A simple change of subject or voice inflection and the subtle false teacher can hook an unwary listener. If Eve had simply argued for what God had said, Satan would have been exposed for the snake he is.

Evermind Ministries and Taking Back the Bible are committed to untangling the lies of those who would twist the Scriptures. Continue with us as we study God’s Truth and apply it to our lives.