T.L.P. Episode 28: A Prediction Concerning Sexuality in Your Children’s Generation | the problem and the cure

Truth Love Parent A Prediction Concerning Sexuality in Your Children’s Generation | the problem and the cureThe world has perverted sexuality to the point where it’s almost unrecognizable . . . but it’s only going to get worse. What should you be doing to prepare your children for the future of sexuality? Join AMBrewster and he describes the problem and proposes biblical solutions for your family.

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#TBTB#TBT – 1/22/15

ThrowBack Thursday TBT

If homosexuality was a big deal in former years, it will continue to be more so. And Christians must have a response.

But the Christian’s response to this issue must be two things: Loving and Biblical.

Joe Dallas got it right in his article To My Gay Angry Friend.


#TBTB #TBT 9-25-14

ThrowBack Thursday TBT

Mark Regnerus conducted and published research proving that homosexual parents are not healthy for children. He was virtually burned at the stake.

Denny Burk wrote the following article to address the propensity for the world to crucify Christians for their counter-culture beliefs.

AMBrewster provides a challenge to Christians to prepare for the day when we, like Mr. Regnerus, are in the cross-hairs for our beliefs.

It will happen.

Will you be ready?

The Witch-Hunt for Mark Regnerus

The Witch-Hunt for Mark Regnerus

A Prediction Concerning Sexuality in America


Sexuality in America


Our society has been seeing dynamic change in “culturally acceptable sexuality” since the 60’s. Things slowed down a bit in the 80’s and 90’s, but in the past few years sexuality has come roaring back to the forefront of nearly every news article, blog post, and YouTube video because of the pressure homosexuals have put on the media.

We’re now being led to believe that a lifestyle that was viewed as abnormal, perverted, and/or sinful for thousands of years is now the generally accepted norm. And it only took about 40 years.

I’m not here today to debate homosexuality. I’ve been plenty verbal about that one.

In fact, I’m not here to make any comment on where we’ve been or where we are today when it comes to our thoughts on sex.

I want to focus on the future.

I want to make a prediction.

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I Held Hands with a Man

I Held Hands with a Man

Yesterday I published three articles all pertaining to homosexuality in America.

  1. The first dealt with the lead singer of Jars of Clay and his foolish comments on gay marriage.
  2. The second was a video from a man who’s attracted to men and his admonition to Christians.
  3. The third was the fulfillment of a prediction concerning the diversification of “alternative lifestyles” in our culture.

I’ve posted such things before and have been veritably crucified on social media for it.

I’ve been called a homophobe, hater, intolerant jerk . . . and plenty of other more colorful variations.

But is that true?

Am I afraid of homosexuals? Do I hate them?

I believe this article will answer those questions permanently. Continue reading “I Held Hands with a Man”

“Same-Sex Attraction in the Church” – Nick Roen

Same-Sex Attraction in the Church

Nick Roen did something very hard.

Nick did something most of us have spent our entire lives trying to avoid.

He was honest about his temptation.

This video cannot circulate fast enough because it speaks to both sides of the equation:

  1. For those struggling with temptation of any kind, heed Nick’s admonition.
  2. For those relating to people struggling with temptation, point them to God.

“The Witch-Hunt for Mark Regnerus” – Denny Burk

The Witch-Hunt for Mark Regnerus

Imagine someone who denies that 9/11 actually happened calling a university president and demanding that a history professor be fired for teaching the facts surrounding the 9/11 tragedy. Now imagine the university president who would actually do that.

Denny Burk has written a fantastic observation entitled The Witch-Hunt for Mark Regnerus. In this article he describes the position truth-declaring Christians are in. Mark Regnerus published a completely scientific study that cast homosexual parents in a negative light. He is now being burned for going against current cultural trends even though his science was accurate and well-supported.

The obvious application for the Christian is this . . . the world will hate us because it hates Christ (John 15:18). If we teach what He teaches, we will be persecuted. I agree with Burk when he said, “We will look back on moments like this one as one more step down the path of intolerance of Christian views. Mark Regnerus is in the crosshairs now, but it will be all of us before too long.”

“Biblical Words Cannot Be Dismissed” – Bob Bixby

Biblical Words Cannot Be Dismissed

It has rightly been said that the issue of homosexuality is the biggest battle that Christians will face in this generation. I have only made one small comment about it on this blog and have received a number of comments because of it. Given that God’s Word deals with it, and given the fact that it is a HUGE issue in the world today, Taking Back the Bible will be dealing with the issue in more detail at a later date.

But today I want to draw everyone’s attention to an article written by an Illinois pastor named Bob Bixby. His article, Biblical Words Cannot Be Dismissed” was included in the guest column of the Rockford Register Star. Please feel free to read the entire article, but wait a moment before doing so. I’d like to make a few observations from Pastor Bixby’s thoughts.

An argument often made by the gay community is that the biblical writers looked down on homosexuality because it was culturally unacceptable. Pro-GLBT christians argue that God doesn’t think it’s a sin, but simply that His Word was defiled by the opinions of man. Here are two points. One of them aligns with what Pastor Bixby said:

1. “Pastor Solberg says it is our job to discern what comes from culture and what comes from God, and I agree. But one cannot dismiss the biblical words against homosexuality on the grounds that the biblical authors were influenced by their culture (an unproven assumption) and then promptly argue on the basis of our culture that they were wrong. If the biblical authors’ culture misguided them, on what basis do we know that ours is rightly guiding us?” [emphasis mine]

2. If the Almighty God of the universe is so completely incapable of keeping mere created mortals from somehow defiling His Word, then can He really be the Almighty God of the universe? If He isn’t, He’s not worthy of having us follow Him. If the all-truthful God cannot correctly (and without confusion) communicate Himself, is He really all that truthful? He tells us His Word is perfect even though it contains errors? If He isn’t truthful, He’s not worthy of having us follow Him.

Pastor Bixby also says,

While trying to affirm biblical authority, Pastor Solberg relegated it to a place beneath culture. If today’s culture is king, then it’s silly to say that the Bible is against or for anything. Because everything it says (even on promiscuity) will be gutted of its authority on the grounds that the biblical authors were more influenced by their culture than by God. Protestants have abandoned sola scriptura and replaced it with sola cultura.”

The Bible spans 4,000 years of history and deals with events that haven’t even happened yet. It starts in the beginning of time and goes straight on to the end. The billions of “cultures” covered by the biblical narrative have absolutely no sway whatsoever on its eternal truth. Practices that were deemed necessary for specific cultures were told as much. There is no confusion on this point.

Take the Bible at It’s Word or throw it out. Don’t bother teaching any of it if some of it is false.