T.L.P. Episode 28: A Prediction Concerning Sexuality in Your Children’s Generation | the problem and the cure

Truth Love Parent A Prediction Concerning Sexuality in Your Children’s Generation | the problem and the cureThe world has perverted sexuality to the point where it’s almost unrecognizable . . . but it’s only going to get worse. What should you be doing to prepare your children for the future of sexuality? Join AMBrewster and he describes the problem and proposes biblical solutions for your family.

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T.L.P. Episode 20: Ten Things Parents Miss

4-logo-20Today’s list of “10 Things Parents Miss” is more than just cigarette butts and porno mags. Join us for some insight from Mark Massey, the director at Victory Academy for Boys.

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Weekend Update: 2/21/15

Weekend Update

This coming week Mr. Brewster and Mr. Massey have an amazing opportunity to take the guys from Victory Academy snowshoeing in northern Wisconsin.

Please pray for this time; adventure camping in God’s beautiful, snow-crusted creation provides many chances to apply God’s Truth to key areas in a young man’s life.

Also, be on the lookout for Mr. Brewster’s Feature Article on Monday.

Have a great weekend!

Worship God in spirit and Truth,

The Evermind Staff

Weekend Update – 2/7/15

Weekend Update

This weekend Mr. Brewster is on a three-day youth retreat at Camp Chetek. He’s been enjoying the messages, skiing, and interacting with the campers.

On Monday he’s going to introduce us to Chetek’s retreat speaker, Mark Massey. Mr. Massey is also the executive director of Victory Academy for Boys where Mr. Brewster now ministers.

So, look out for Monday feature “10 Things Parents Miss” and get introduced to Victory Academy for Boys.


The Evermind Staff


The New Me: Part 7, “The Woodsman”

Seven years.

What have you been doing for seven years?

For some activities it’s a long time; for others it’s merely a moment.

I’ve been serving at Bethel Baptist Church, Schaumburg Christian School, and Schaumburg Christian Day Camp for seven years and, in retrospect, it feels like the tick of the second-hand.

If’ you’ve been following the New Me Posts (which started with Part I back in May of 2012), you know I’ve been a busy boy for the past seven years. But all of that is coming to a God ordained close, and I’m excited to tell you about what’s happening next.

But, before I do . . . .

I’m not certain the best way to handle this next piece of information. It’s delicate, but yet necessary to the narrative of my life and this decision in the life of my family.

I need to tell you why we’re leaving my current ministry.

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