Connectivity in the Woods

Internet Connection in the Woods

Dear Friends,

We’d like to apologize. Mr. Brewster is having some difficulties with internet connectivity in the north woods of Wisconsin. It’s being worked on, but until he’s able to connect to the interweb his posts will be scant.

He’s extremely sorry for the inconvenience and prays the other content here will continue to be a blessing.

He will continue to write, however, in preparation for his reconnection to the world. :)

On a positive note, though his connectivity with us is shaky, he is starting many new and exciting relationships at Victory Academy.


The Evermind Staff

Day Camp Weekly: the insane side of AMBrewster

All of our readers are well acquainted with Mr. Brewster’s thoughts on God and his driving passion to communicate divine Truth.

But not all of you are aware that Mr. Brewster also has a very theatrical, fun-loving side.

This will be his last year as Director of Schaumburg Christian Day Camp, and apparently he’s decided to go out with a bang.

Day Camp Weekly is the online show he created to provide information about SCDC’s program and to advertise. It’s in its second season and is doing quite well.

Granted, if you haven’t seen previous episodes, you may not appreciate all of the inside jokes, but at least you’ll get a fun glimpse into AMBrewster’s crazy side.