#TBTB #TBT – “Why I’m Not a Christian”

ThrowBack ThursdayIn his review of Bertrand Russell’s “Why I’m Not a Christian,” Jeremy Larson does a great job pointing out the inconsistencies that exist in Russell’s (and most other atheists for that matter) thinking.

All Christians must be ready to take back the Bible by preparing to give every man an answer for the hope that dwells within us. For this reason, it’s wise to acquaint ourselves with the atheist’s thinking, but then arm ourselves with God’s answers.

AMBrewster provides a few thoughts as a preface to Mr. Larson’s article here: “Why I’m Not a Christian.”

Why I'm Not a Christian

“Why I’m Not a Christian” – Jeremy Larson

Why I'm Not a Christian

I appreciate Jeremy Larson’s handling of Bertrand Russell’s philosophies in his blog post Why I’m Not a Christian.

I have found that atheists are incurably inconsistent. It is true this is a common problem among humans, but it is not an issue with God. That is why when we argue from Scripture, inconsistencies cannot abide. But for the atheist, whose sole ground of authority lies in human reasoning, their arguments are fraught with inconsistencies and holes.

But, praise God, between those inconsistencies I find that God’s Word fits rather nicely.