T.L.P. Episode 6: Ten Ways You’re Making Your Family Life Harder Than It Has to Be

TLP #6It’s scary when we realize that many of the perceived issues in our houses may – in fact – stem from our own warped philosophies. Please listen with ears to hear and a heart to change – this may be God trying to get our attention!

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“To love your children . . . .” – Quote

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Peace In: Part VII – Do It & Peace Promise #2

Sunday Sermon Series

I cannot being to express the blessing this study has been to my soul. My current personal and professional experiences have offered a significant temptation to anxiety and anger, but God’s truth has bastioned me and Christ Himself has taken charge of the garrison keeping a daily watch over my heart and mind. So, thank you for this opportunity to study God’s gracious, ever sufficient truth.

I foresee that we have two parts left to our study of peace in Philippians (including today’s study). Today we will look at the last Peace Prerequisite and the final Peace Promise, and next week we will do a final review of the passage.

If you are new to our study, feel free to start at Part I, or you can choose the parts you missed from here.

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“If We Evermind”

If We Evermind
"If We Evermind"

Whether it be two roads ‎
Or a sea to travel
Uncharted, we have no reason
To fear or need to quake
Because He has not left us
Empty or weak, but rich with truth.‎
And if we heed, we will not be blind;‎
If indeed we harken - if we evermind.‎

When comes a day that darkness shrouds
Or plenty falls away to famine,‎
We need not say that we’re abandoned
For all the way He stands, and patiently,‎
Tenderly He waits for us to follow
The pin-prick daylight He spreads
Before our feet. May we trusting walk the line
Betwixt the dangers on either side. May we evermind.‎

The same on morning splendor,‎
When feasting on goodness fattens
Our minds, and lazing softens our faith,‎
May we trusting turn our glass
And reckon Him. Not mistaking the blessing ‎
From His hand for working of our own,‎
We praising stand and thank in kind
For gifting us with life and truth to evermind.‎

There is no trace of human wisdom to compare
With a single phrase of His light. He stands
Above and sways the nations,‎
He speaks and worlds obey His smallest whim.‎
He willingly explains in words so clear – ‎
So humanly plain – that we can meet each challenge. ‎
We can trust His way and tread sublime
For He creates the truth that we must evermind. ‎

And when we keep His words before our eye
And turn our feet toward His Book,‎
His perfect wisdom metes to us in measure
Exactly what we need. There is no want,‎
But always greets us on the morn
Bounteous mercy and grace and direction
Perfect to speed us toward His chosen time;‎
If we follow, if we listen, learn, and evermind. ‎


“Disarms the Gunrunner” – Quote

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He seemed like such a nice man: False Teachers Who Wear Denim

He seemed like such a nice man: False Teachers

He seemed like such a nice man.”

How many serial killers and rapists do we need to hear such comments about before we realize that what a person projects to those around is not necessarily a mirror of their soul.

False teachers, no doubt, could have much the same said about them. Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary recently posted an article entitled Do False Teachers Preach in Denim? The main thesis was that wolves in sheep’s clothing do in fact look like sheep. They offer three ways to be aware of possible false teaching in your church. I’d like to add a fourth: Know God’s Word.

I understand that people lie, but inconsistencies will always leak out. Whether in public or private, no liar can feep up the facade day and night. This point aligns with DBTS’s second observation. But my purpose here is to show that lies cannot be seen as lies unless they are compared to truth. Bankers do not study counterfeit bills; they study real ones. If we are ignorant of the truth of God’s Word, we will never be able to perceive falsehood.

Satan beguiled Eve by re-wording the Word of God. A simple change of subject or voice inflection and the subtle false teacher can hook an unwary listener. If Eve had simply argued for what God had said, Satan would have been exposed for the snake he is.

Evermind Ministries and Taking Back the Bible are committed to untangling the lies of those who would twist the Scriptures. Continue with us as we study God’s Truth and apply it to our lives.

Not as the Word of Men

On my drive to school today I listened to talk radio. To be perfectly honest I don’t do that often. I don’t even like to watch the news. It’s depressing, and since there are as many opinions as there are opinion-makers, they must be ingested with a strong draught of discrimination if anything intellectually-nutritional is to be gained from them.

Pretty strong words coming from someone who writes a blog! Thankfully, on Taking Back the Bible, we have one saving grace: I Thessalonians 2:13.

On this blog, if we’re careful, our words are not the “word of men.” I Thessalonians says

For this reason we also constantly thank God that when you received the word of God which you heard from us, you accepted it not as the word of men, but for what it really is, the word of God, which also performs its work in you who believe [italics mine].”

Every true Christian understands that the Bible is not just a collection of works from forty different writers spanning thousands of years . . . it is the very Word of God. It is true, perfect, and efficacious.

As I said, human beings are fallible. My writing is not inspired; it has the potential of being very wrong! But as long as my opinions and philosophies are grounded in God’s Word I cannot go wrong. That goes for you as well! That’s what this site is all about: 1. Taking a firm stand that the Bible is indeed the spoken Word from the one and only, Almighty, All powerful, All knowing God of the universe, & 2. From that starting point, dissecting God’s Word so as to apply it to our lives.